For Employees

Arabia CSR

”Our joint effort this year has been truly creative, with a tangible effect on the local community. Laborers working in the UAE tend to be the forgotten soldiers, the sub-society which is not truly part of the mainstream, although they are a strong contributor to the success story of the UAE in general, and to the Dubai miracle in particular. To that end, we feel that getting together as private sector partners (namely Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, Citi, Alcatel and EFS Group) to celebrate and recognize the laborer in the country is in line with Government of Dubai’s many initiatives to recognize the laborer, and a way of saying: ‘Thank You for your dedication and contribution to the UAE community’.”

Karim Seifeddine
Public Affairs & Government Relations Head
The Middle East & North Africa

In-house guest

’’The pillow stating firm and soft was very thoughtful The signs for saving water ….. you deserve a medal for this gesture. Every member of staff was so cheerful and helpful for every need’’

(In-house guest ‘’feedback’’ 31st Dec 2018)



Thank you for the opportunity to express myself regarding your CSR.

I would like to begin by relaying that I have had a very privileged upbringing and schooling, not strictly in term of financial privilege, but have always been in an environment (family or establishment) which has stressed up on progress through discussion, and, so sharing and exchanging idea towards achieving a more holistic goal is something I have been very familiar with. More than the website your email today has strengthened my belief in HIAB. It truly shows an open atmosphere, one where progress is inevitable and to one that I would like to belong.

I see that your CSR is tri-fold: One towards building society, the next towards sustaining the environment and decreasing carbon footprint and the last toward safeguarding the interests of those absorbed into HIAB. I feel that is a very rational and methodical approach to social responsibility by investing in the future (children/ environment). A systematic program such as yours is not only more humanitarian because it shows the amount of effort that goes into associating with an NGO (rather than haphazardly picking one merely for the sake of it).

Lastly, to answer your question: has looking at our drives to help communities and environment given more strength to your decision of joining HIAB Family?

Yes, most definitely. I have always heard that HIAB tries strives to maintain a happy environment for their staff and guests and everyone, including me, would like to give our 100% when we are happy and satisfied. I strongly believe it is easy to say the staff is happy and difficult to envisage that. However, if an organization such as yours is so steadfastly devoted to the Human Element, the outcome has to be one of internal harmony. Also, I have come to realize how lucky I have been in terms of my upbringing and would only like to join an organization which like me believes in giving back to society and helping those who have not had the advantages bestowed to me.

Thank you once again for providing me with the space and opportunity to express my views on HIAB’s CSR. I look forward to my career in Dubai!