Corporate Responsibility

I’m making a Difference…….. Are You?’’

CSR at HIAB began as philanthropic initiatives as we opened our doors to the public. With growing commitment of staff and guests, sustainability emerged as a course that began to run through the core of every business operation. Our compel became to make HIAB a re-sponsible business to excel in all areas: Economic, Social and Environmental (Triple Bottom Line) and Profit to make a measurable positive impact on People As a role model, I personally embarked on an educational drive from Jun 2014 to en-courage our employees to embed sustainability in their psyche. The drive has been met with great enthusiasm being taken down the line, as HOD’s got inspired by my statements:

Roxana Jaffer

‘I’m making a difference……………….

By bringing a positive change in the mind set of my management team

By enabling a one culture of being socially responsible in enabling a meaningful wealth creation

By motivating a team, to be more empowered, more innovative, so ‘out of box’ solutions are
engendered for continual growth in human capital as much as the bottom line.

Through a greater sense of EI, in decoding individuals who do not conform to the moral
guidelines of the company mission, and promote individualism and undermine needs of their
………………………………. Are You?’


Feedback from guests has been inspirational as they make a choice in lodging with a preferred hotel which promotes diligent business and acts responsibly. They are particularly enthused by HIAB’s partnership with UNWFP as they donate generously so the hungry are fed in the world. Social inclusion and indeed enrichment with this partnership has become a target as all stakeholders help in our endeavor to bring change where we can.

This report shows how our ten year plan to make diligent business as part of HIAB’s inherent DNA is coming together earlier than planned. This encourages us to undertake initiatives that are measurable and impact driven, and to make greater efforts in embedding sustainability continuously in all our business practices so we continue to make that difference to customers and society as stewards of the environment.