Infinitive Journey

With these thoughts the seeds for building this ‘Hotel with a Heart’ on a journey of infinity were sown through three institutions, run voluntary by officers of the management team.

Each institution is managed individually, with specific objectives and annual targets, achieved through planned initiatives, which are assessed for impact being made through measurable KPIs and through stakeholders’ feedback.

Loves U Campaign

‘ LOVES U Campaign’ (HI-LUC )’s mandate is to plan initiatives for raising resources and funds for building civil society and upholding global partnerships, helping in global disasters, ensuring that pledges are realized.

HI-LUC is unique in its appeal that all members of the staff, regardless of rank, color or creed, come together to achieve its objectives. The backdrop of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) words ‘Life is only worth living if lived for someone else’ helps to inculcate an ethos of giving, of putting another person before oneself that in turn reflects into service accorded to the guest that in turn helps to deliver the business objectives.

Way of Life

‘Way of Life’ s mandate is to uphold social and Human rights issues and ensures HIAB’s value system is understood and adhered to permeate a single culture.

The promoting of the culture ‘Way of Life @ Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha’ is remarkable in its remit in building unity between employees varying in age, status and thoughts.

Green Engage

Green Engage’s mandate is to assess environmental issues, execute awareness drives for guests and employees, initiate and oversee effective implementation of energy-saving drives through precise staff training.

HIAB is proud to be a franchisee of IHG and is deeply committed to their environmental management tool, the ‘IHG Green Engage’ through its initiatives for not only energy-saving reducing carbon footprint.