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Planning For Your Business Trip to Dubai?

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30 June 2017 | Travel Guide

  Pick Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, Business tourism Hotel for Stay… Gone were the days when Dubai was only known for its whopping oil business. But over the last few decades, Dubai has completely reinvented itself by having some mega projects as well as architectural masterpieces such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and Continue Reading...

Why the UAE is a Leading Tourism Destination?

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31 May 2017 | Travel Guide

  Dubai hosts a delicate balance of both old and new sights, so regardless of your age, nationality, taste and texture, Dubai have something to the people from all walks of life which results in a smorgasbord of things to do. You can spend out your lazy mornings along Jumeirah Beach and afternoons shredding powder Continue Reading...


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28 April 2017 | Travel Guide

  If you believe Dubai is all known for its desert and larger-than-life malls and materialistic, man-made glamour, you may be wrong this time. You might not have seen the different side of Dubai, which is full of magnificent allure. As Dubai temperature is at its peak, the voyagers are curiously seeking for something to Continue Reading...


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27 April 2017 | Travel Guide

24 TRAVTALK MAY 2017 – QUICKBYTES     ”Tapping new markets and trends…”   ”Travel, tourism and hospitality professionals share their expectations from this year’s Arabian Travel Market as they venture into new areas seeking opportunities to enhance and expose their products on offer to the world on this stage.”   Rouxshin Vajifdar – Director Continue Reading...

Best Tips to Have Healthy Holidays on a Budget

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28 February 2017 | Travel Guide

Staying healthy is not just a formality, it’s commitment which you make to yourself and to your soul. If you need healthy holiday inspiration, look no further as we’re going to introduce you to some easy and budget friendly healthy holiday tips.   Get Packed Nicely   Before you leave home for your healthy holiday, Continue Reading...

Money Safety Tips For Travelling In Dubai

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28 February 2017 | Travel Guide

For travelers, Dubai is a largest stopover destination and when it comes to Dubai, it’s also assumed to be expensive, so you have to be prepared with some money tips when travelling in Dubai. Like most cities with extremely high living standards, Dubai too is high on budgets, but if you know these tricks, you Continue Reading...

Handy Tips For First Time Cruisers

20 October 2016 | Travel Guide

For the first timers, cruising experience is no less than an adventure. There is tons of puzzling questions riddle around in their mind. Picking itineraries, selecting staterooms, booking ships etc are some of the most confusing and problematic stuffs they have to go through.   So what should you do next? Here we have some Continue Reading...

Tips for Disabled Travelers

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19 September 2016 | Travel Guide

Are you thinking to spend some cozy time with your family or friends overseas or within boundaries? Think twice over your special physical needs. Which equipment you’ll use, a walking stick, walker or wheelchair? Are you visually impaired or have hearing problems? Do you need special equipments? Will you be renting a car, flying or Continue Reading...

Go Green with These Eco-friendly Travel Tips

02 August 2016 | Travel Guide

Ecotourism is a burning subject in the gigantic world of travel. Everything we do on our trips like from gifts we purchase for our loved ones, modes of transportation we use and the foods we relish, leaves an impact the Mother Nature, but how to travel without harming environment.   Worry not.   Here, we’ve Continue Reading...

Things Millennials Want in a Hotel Experience

21 May 2016 | Travel Guide

Millennials, basically the young vigorous generation born between 1982 and 2000 for any business has become the most vital segment of consumers, whether you talk about the hospitality sectors or other areas. They love to travel, they love to chill and they love to explore the world. When it comes to hotel stay they intend Continue Reading...