Talent sustainability

HIAB ‘s HR goals are to employ a fair cross-section in the labour force, without any culture in dominance, no askew-ness in gender, employed in a family culture with a fair chance of growth. Presently HIAB employs 23 nationalities , in line with the UAE Labor Regulations and does not employ minors.Further HIAB Hiring Policy practices “fair compensation without any discrimination based on gender, region, creed or culture.”

Skills Enhancement Program

HIAB’s long term goal for giving fair growth to our employees is encouraged through a specially formulated programme for senior levels. Formulated in 2014 “Skills Enhancement Programme” has been taken up positively as it provides opportunity to employees to identify gap between their required and existing performance so that Company can make necessary measures to get them developed, where necessary.

Living in Core Values


IHG’s Winning Ways are how we behave every day – a set of behaviours based on our values that are helping us to become one of the very best companies in the world.

At HIAB we are committed to embrace these values and actually live in them. So we went an extra mile and introduced HIAB’s “WAY OF LIFE” a platform where we simplified core values and made them practicable for HIAB employees. It emerged as new ‘Peoples Management Philosophy’ which is understood and practiced by all employees across the board.

HIAB’s Family Facebook


HIAB’s Family Facebook Page (a closed Group of HIAB Family) was introduced in October 2014. Since then, it got extremely popular within the staff. So far we have 137 members who use it as best communication channel, not only for Training notifications or other happenings but also for great fun and entertainment especially when they go back home after their work. They share photos, videos, happenings, wishing birthdays and special occasion and that gives them a feeling of being with their family “HIAB Family”.

Employee surveys.

HIAB continually strives to improve its offering as an employer and requests feedback from employees, both anonymously (drop in box) and officially to HR, and through conducted surveys. Two surveys had amazing results.

’13 reasons why I should work for HIAB’


‘Employment engagement Survey’