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“Bridge for a Cause” Annual Drive

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Once again the Canadian bridge Group came forward to support the global needy. On 7th February 2018, The Canadian Bridge Club collaborated with Holiday Inn – Dubai “Loves You Campaign” ( HI- LUC) in support to fight hunger in Bangladesh, this year’s selected country for assistance required after the Rohingya exodus. HI-LUC with its backdrop

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Women’s Empowerment & Equality

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Equality is a term that is loosely used globally. Demanding Equal rights and Equal privileges is in the vogue, but when it comes to according equal status on different aspects of life, it is often overlooked and even ignored by posing legitimate grounds. One such area is Women’s empowerment and Equality for women at a

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“Save Water” Awareness Drive – Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha

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Production : Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha Director: Water Saver Camera: Environment Date: Nov 25th 2017 Scene: Every Drop Counts…Save Water Take: Awareness Drive #savewater #environment #susatainability #GlobalGoals #holidayinndubaialbarsha #TrueHospitality

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Holiday Inn® Invites You to Have Little Conversations with Your Little Big Travellers

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Dubai, 1st October 2017 – While each family has its own traditions, it’s no secret that a child’s growth and connections are significantly influenced by the conversations that take place between family members. Whether it happens over Saturday morning breakfasts or during family holidays, family conversations have traditionally helped to bring parents and children closer

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Happy Emirati Women’s Day!

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Happy Emirati Women’s Day! This Day is celebrated in recognition of the role Emirati women have played in the sustainable development of their country The concept of women’s empowerment in the UAE is no longer just theoretical but a reality. This occasion highlights the diversity of contribution by Emirati women to UAE’s growth in all

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