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Happy Emirati Women’s Day!

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HAPPY EMIRATI WOMEN’S DAY   “Nothing could delight me more than to see the woman taking up her distinctive position in society…Nothing should hinder her progress…Like men, women deserve to their capabilities and qualification”   Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan   #emiratiwomensday #happyemiratiwomensday #holidayinndubaialbarssha #mydubai  

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Sustainability Report 2018

We are proud to support Knit-A-Thon Meet Up For a Noble Cause.

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As part of its Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha sustainability remit , We are proud to support Knit-A-Thon Meet Up For a Noble Cause.   “They are knitting away to beat the Guinness World record which stands over 2,100 sqm and comprises approximately 2200 blankets (1m x 1m) which allow to make a difference

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Are You A Sustainability Leader?

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Speaker: Roxana Jaffer @ 10th Annual Sustainable Development Congress. UAE Dec 2018. Roxana opened the subject with the story of Jonah & the whale from the Old Testament. How Jonah – symbolising humanity – was saved by a whale from the wrath of God who sent a Tsunami to destroy him for not obeying His

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Say No To Plastic

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Say no to plastic Refuse The Straw …Why…By 2050 there is going to be more KG of plastic than KG of fish in the sea. We are killing our marine life. Help us in our drive to reduce the usage of plastic and save our planet. #TheGemGarden #HolidayInnAlBarsha #ResponsibleBusiness #SavetheEarth #Sustaianability  

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