For Employees

  • Grievance Policy: To ensure a fair and just solution are provided through an environment of a ‘Listening Leadership Team’ as promulgated by the CEO through her ‘Open-door Policy’
  • Harassment Policy: HIAB strives to provide for all employees a professional and congenial work environment, so employees are treated -no matter the rank – with courtesy, consideration and professionalism. This Policy prohibits discrimination of race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, or disability in all employment practices, including terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.
  • IHG Human Rights Policy: HIAB strictly adheres to this global policy as a responsible business, to support protection of human rights, respect our employees’ rights to voluntary freedom of association, provide a safe and healthy working environment and does not support forced and compulsory labour or the exploitation of children. Further we support the elimination of employment discrimination and promote diversity in the workplace, whilst not supporting corruption. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity in compliance with applicable laws of the country.
  • Selection & Hiring Policy: HIAB ensures all recruitment activities are transparent, just and within the framework of the Company’s recruitment norms. Discrimination on grounds of gender, nationality, religion, regional affiliation, cost, creed or color during any of the hiring process has a ‘zero tolerance’.