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Tips for a Nice Winter Holiday

01 January 2014 | Travel Guide

Traveling is an opportunity for you to get to know the world and add experience to your life. Everyone looks forward to winter in Dubai as it is the season when schools are closed, lazy afternoons and fun in the outdoors with cooler temperatures.
A winter vacation in Dubai is the best time in our region.  If you prepare well then a winter trip will be very delightful.
Planning: Prepare a list of things that you want to accomplish during the trip. Book the flights and hotels ahead of time to save money. Once fully prepared, there will be no last minute regrets.
Weather: Check the weather forecast and season of your destination. You can use the link http://weather.yahoo.com or some websites relevant to the places of your visit.
Money Converter: Check the exchange rate to maximize your cash. Do change some of your money in your own country or from the place you are departing. That money will come in use for paying cabs, tips, buying food and the hotel deposit in case they do not accept your credit card.


Dress: Pack all necessary clothes. Even if it is winter,  carry your favorite shorts  and skirts as the weather can sometimes be unpredictable no matter where you are travelling to.
Flying: Take some new books and headphones. Be friendly with other passengers,  longs flights especially are a good opportunity to make friends with travelers. Carry a variety of snacks and drinks as airplane food is not always to everyones taste buds. Pass your time by sleeping, so you can be fully relaxed and rejuvenated when you land.
Smaller Airports. Since many major airports have a longer waiting time at security lines besides flight and tarmac delays, it is a good idea to fly out of or into smaller airports if your destination is a big global city.
Minimum Baggage: Try to be minimal with your travel luggage. One suitcase for the overhead compartment and one bag for a laptop or backpack is enough. The bag should be compact enough to be at your side to avoid losing important documents.


Security Check: Gifts should not be wrapped when passing through security. Get some festive gift bags to avoid gift wrapping.
Buddy System: Travel with a close friend or partner, if you are alone try to  make friends. They will turn into everlasting connections when experiences are shared.
Be Open: Be flexible to new perspectives and opportunities during travels. Explore everything with a free spirit and acquaint with new cultures. You will see the virtue of native people welcoming those appreciative of their country.
Travel Agent: Save money on your travels by booking through a professional travel agent especially when you planning to go on a cruise.
Once you are in the city of your destination, settle down to enjoy the tour. Check into a budget hotel that is at the city centre. Since the season is cooler, nothing can be more soothing than a lazy stroll in the pool to get rejuvenated before an evening cocktail. Make sure to check if the hotel you are staying at has a swimming pool.

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