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What to Remember When Travelling with a Partner

15 August 2014 | Travel Guide

Traveling together is thrilling and will be a great learning experience. It helps understanding the other person better. It is said that a two-day trip is better than prolonged dating to truly get to know each other. Travelling allows upfront exposure on the other person’s character and conduct.

The tips here will be valuable if you are traveling with your significant other, whether it is your first trip or you have been exploring the world as a couple for some time. 

Travelling with a Partner

Size of the Trip: The length of a trip must be planned in accordance with the strength of the relationship. Couples who have been together for years have a better chance of surviving long-term travel. Others should opt for trips that are a week long or a maximum of 10 days.
Location: When choosing a destination, remember that no destination is unromantic. Romance is ultimately a state of mind rather than where you are. Some locations are more picturesque or romantic but that is not necessarily the perfect place for all couples. Talk to your partner and discuss what you want to do and your travel style and find a location based on those considerations. 

Travelling with a Partner

Plan Together: On a trip, both people should make decisions. If one person is a foodie they can select the restaurants and if the other person is passionate about history they can select the museums to visit.
Compromise: Create an itinerary with activities that both people want to do. Decide how many activities, cities or restaurants you want to cover and then make a list of top choices from each person.
Plan the budget: Money is a major point of conflict with all couples whether traveling or not. The attitude that “I am on a vacation and will tackle it later” is not the right approach as the credit card bill can become scary later on.
Sense of humor: During a vacation there may be a lot of stress to make it a perfect trip. Do not feel crushed if that is not happening. Things can go wrong on the road; delay in flights, luggage lost in transit, cancelled reservations and the most recommended restaurant becoming a disappointment. Take things with a smile and remember small troubles are only temporary. 

Travelling with a Partner

Memorable moments: Cherish the moments spent together. Even on a budget trip, bring home positive and happy memories —it may be a picnic with a view; a breakfast in bed; a grand meal, or a long moonlit stroll under the lights of the city. So whatever is planned, make it special for both.
Always remember to respect the rules and culture of the country you are visiting.
When you travel outside as a couple especially in big cities it is not necessary to stay in expensive flashy hotels, this will help you staying within your budget without compromising on standards in terms of amenities and hospitality.

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