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Tips to Enjoy a Vacation Car Journey

03 October 2014 | Travel Guide

More people are getting behind the wheel to enjoy the roads and scenery despite the ease of taking flights.

Desert Road Trip

The lure of a road trip is undeniable and eternal. Some useful hints and tips will keep you safe and help avoid blunders on the road.

Road Trip

Vehicle Fine Tuning: Make sure your car is in good working condition. The tyres, battery, fluids and air conditioner must be checked by a qualified mechanic. If you are driving to a hot climate you may need a motor oil with higher viscosity.

Desert Road Trip

Car Wash: During the trip take time every couple of days to get rid  of unwanted dust and dirt before it accumulates to avoid having to spend extra time deep cleaning it upon your return.

Safety Kit: Pack an emergency kit and subscribe to a roadside assistance plan; make sure you know the helpline numbers in case of an emergency and exactly  what assistance your policy includes.

Have a Loose Plan: Delays are common especially when you are driving long distance. The flashing signs “Road Work Ahead, Merge to One Lane” is loathed by all, but sometimes unavoidable if you are not aware of it in advance. It is a good idea to listen to the local radio station as they usually keep listeners updated with accidents on the road. Over scheduling the road trip is a risk, always plan to be a little later than what is expected to avoid having to cancel hotel reservations.

Things to bring on road trip

Anticipate Trouble Spots: If you are grinding out long miles on a road trip or find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time like crossing a River at rush hour or driving at the most congested places in the peak hour, you will no doubt get frustrated and agitated. Plan ahead at least one day’s driving schedule to prevent chaos while travelling.

Roadside Rescue Service: To get stranded in the middle of nowhere sometimes occurs during road trips, having the privilege of calling a toll free number of Roadside Recue ties you in to approved local tow services and mechanics.

Desert Road

Phone Card: A reliable and easy-to-use phone card will solve many problems. Using your credit card for phone calls is also an option. A phone card is a secure way of connection no matter where you are.

Get a Good Nights Sleep: Driving drowsy causes accidents, drive only after a sound rest and take turns with responsible licensed driver  every couple of hours if possible. Make sure every night in the course of the journey you are resting  somewhere that is peaceful and has good amenities. Book a room in a budget hotel to balance costs, your expenses will be moderate without compromising hospitality.

Up To Date Documents: Current documentation including license, registration and insurance is of vital importance to avoid legal problems and impounding of your vehicle.

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