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Useful Tips for Flying

02 March 2015 | Travel Guide

The decision of travelling within national boundaries or to an overseas country comes with many options. There are many big choices that have to be made; how much pocket money will be required, airfare costs, which places to visit and the best time of the year to travel etc. However, beyond the big picture, some guidelines can turn your stressful journey into a pleasant adventure.This piece of writing will shed some light on the planning to ensure effortless air travel.

Essential tips for a Successful Business Trip

Plan and Organize

Think carefully and make a list of things you need to pack in your luggage. Make sure you pack essentials only to minimise the number of bags you will need to carry. Arrive at the airport at least an hour earlier; this will prevent stress and allow you to relax and enjoy a meal before your journey. If you’re a regular flyer, join a frequent flyer loyalty programme for more comfort and additional benefits like complimentary snacks and drinks.

Pack Light

Travelling with bulky luggage will certainly hinder your experience. To avoid the hassles that comes with heavy bags, pack as lightly as possible. Light luggage will make public transportation a breeze especially cabs, trains and buses. It will also give you more space and will make your journey an easy one. If you are able to pack your essentials in carry-on bags, you can easily stay away from the tormenting chore of winding through tortuous luggage carousels.

Pack light - tips for flying

Comfortable Clothes

While flying, loose-fitting and breathable clothing is important; it helps you get cosy in the plane. Casual pieces like tees and full length bottoms are most comfortable and flexible. Bear in mind that the temperature of the airplane’s cabin dips drastically while going up in the air, so keep a blanket in tow or a lightweight sweater in your bag for all flights.

Traveling with Comfortable Clothes

Use a TSA Lock

Don’t get perplexed with the name. You can easily buy these TSA approved locks from airports, department stores and travel agents. Security agents can open these locks by using master keys so that the lock may not have to be cut. Don’t be on pins and needles if the security officer at check in tells you that your baggage needs to be unlocked for safety purpose. Simply say your luggage is protected with a TSA lock and you won’t get into any trouble.

Keep Snacks and Plenty of Water with You

Bring a small bag of healthy snacks. You can keep dried fruits, fresh veggies or other munchies to satiate your appetite. Don’t forget to drink generous amount of water because a significant drop in the level of humidity leads to dehydration. Lack of water in the body leads to fatigue, dizziness and headaches among other signs. Say a BIG NO to diuretics like alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and chocolates with caffeine.

Keep these easy tips in mind and make your air travel less nerve-racking and more pleasant.

Have a happy, safe and healthy journey!

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