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Important Tips for Travelling with Children

14 August 2014 | Travel Guide

During summer, many parents plan vacations with children which may include babies, infants, toddler and teens. It is always good to show children the world, kind of like an investment in education. Traveling with children to any destination needs some advance planning and maximum vigilance.


Travel with Childrens

The planning might be a little tedious, yet the rewards are huge. A big family car trip to nearby destinations is probably the most popular summer vacation. Whatever the transport method; plane, train or car, the tips below can make your holiday easier and more relaxed.


Travelling with Children

Basics First
When travelling with children the focus of parents should first be on the basics to keep them happy and curious:
• Food
• Appropriate clothes
• Toys and games (get new books to surprise and entertain your children on flights)

It is well known that a hungry child will be a grumpy child. Keeping children filled properly is the first responsibility during travels. Packing small boxes of raisins, oat bars and some small sweet treats will do. A good idea is to pack bon bons or sucking candies to lessen the pressure on little ears when a flight takes off and lands. Chewy sweets and lollipops will also keep them busy.
• Select versatile and comfortable clothing items which are in darker colors that can disguise dirt and stains should an accident occur
• Leave the jeans at home and go for thinner fabrics. Polyester fleece will be a better option than a bulky cotton sweatshirt.
• Carry off-season clothing pieces as well just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.
• Have a traveling First Aid kit within easy reach stocked with Band-Aids, anti-bacterial ointment, motion sickness medication, prescriptions, wipes and hand sanitizers.
Train Travel with Children
Reservation: If it is a day trip, have a coach reservation to allow your little ones to sit anywhere on the train. On a longer trip book a sleeper so that your meals are included and juice, tea/coffee and water are available on demand.
Remember to bring lots of colouring pads, activity books and comics to make the journey joyful. Train journeys are the best time for a game of I-spy or travel bingo.
Safety: Remember that trains have no seat belts; small kids need adult guiding to ensure they stay upright at the aisles. Shoes are a must to improve balance and grip while moving around. Keep a pair of shoes handy that the tiny travelers won’t mind wearing.
Sights: Through the moving train’s windows kids will love watching the scenery whiz by. So come prepared with snacks and entertainment. 
Planning for travelling with Children
When you travel to any large city abroad with kids, finding a kid-friendly hotel will always be possible. It does not need to be the same in all places.
Take time to research and choose the right accommodation particularly in destinations not covered by travel blogs and kid-oriented travel resources.
Travelling with kids

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