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5 Travel Tips for Senior Citizens to Travel Comfortably

13 August 2015 | Travel Guide

There is a travel bug inside every soul. Sometimes it catches you a little later , may be at a time when you are free of liabilities. If you are a senior citizen and planning to go out for a long trip, it’s the right time to explore new destinations. However, with the excitement to explore new places, it’s advisable for you to plan things in advance with full preparations to avoid any Impending matters. Here are some tips for senior citizens to travel in the best possible and comfortable way.
1. Plan your tour in advance Sudden plans always involve risks be it with travelling or other things. So make sure that you plan your vacation in advance. What you need to do is:

  • Talk to your travel agent for special tailor-made packages made for senior citizens specifically. Try to accompany a group instead of venturing out alone.
  • Check out for availability of medical facilities and health state of the country where you are supposed to visit. Get your medical checkups done and consult the doctor for other medical and health care advices.
  • Since senior people require extra care, check with the tour operator for the presence of wheelchair, oxygen concentrators, and other such medical aids.
  • Get your current medical conditions covered by a travel insurance company.

Senior Citizens Journey

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2. Keep suggested checkups

  • Before confirming your trip, consult to your doctor for a comprehensive medical investigation.
  • Discuss about the change in diet if required or its impact on the current medical condition.
  • Check if any vaccination is needed before traveling to the new place.
  • Before leaving, get a complete dental check up.

3. Book your accommodation wisely While, you travel to a new destination, make sure that you stay in a good hotel with all the required facilities.

  • Apart from finding an affordable accommodation, ask for certain facilities such as- extra leg room, early boarding, and escorts to the gate if you are travelling by air.
  • Make sure that your escorts have enough understanding of how to operate your medical equipment like- wheelchairs and medical alert systems.
  • They must know which of your medical equipment can go through X-ray machines and which cannot.
  • Last but not the least; hotel rooms should be fully hygienic.

Travellinng Senior Citizens

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4. What to carry in backpack?  

  • While traveling to a new country, keep the climate condition in mind and pack your clothes accordingly. Even if you are travelling to a tropical country, pack an extra jacket since climate can change anytime.
  • Keep enough stock of medicine to last your entire vacation. In case of the lost or theft of your luggage during travel, take an emergency supply of some medicine which might not be available in other countries.
  • To avoid being detained in anyway, keep a prescription printed with you to explain the purpose of carrying such a large amount of medication, or in case if need be, you can also buy some more with the help of your prescription. And, pack an extra pair of spectacles too, especially when your eyesight is too weak.
  • Keep all essential medications such as painkillers, band aids etc. inside your bag while air travelling.
  • Always use wheel-equipped suitcases so that you don’t have to make extra efforts in lifting them.

5. Safety and Security Precautions  

  • During your trip, make sure that you stay in a group. Don’t venture out alone at night.
  • Don’t carry heavy cash in wallet or wear expensive jewelry. If you do have cash for any reason, divide it up and keep in different places such as under the belt, shoes etc.
  • While eating out, ask for the ingredients in the food, in case if you are allergic to any.
  • Don’t travel too much or chalk out a heavy itinerary.
  • Ask your travel operators or your embassy for the list of doctors in your area.
  • Keep phone numbers of your country’s embassy and other emergency numbers with you throughout the vacation.
  • Carry a mineral water bottle to avoid stomach infections.

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