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28 April 2017 | Travel Guide

If you believe Dubai is all known for its desert and larger-than-life malls and materialistic, man-made glamour, you may be wrong this time. You might not have seen the different side of Dubai, which is full of magnificent allure.
As Dubai temperature is at its peak, the voyagers are curiously seeking for something to cool themselves down. If you are seeking for the coolest family, solo water adventure in Dubai then here we have some wonderful ideas for you to rejuvenate this summer in Dubai like never before. You can opt for a relaxing sundown sail, a high-speed tour on a jet-ski or something a little more heroic like Flyboarding or the latest thrill, Seabreaching. Here’re tips to give you marine kicks.

Enjoy Water Adventures at The Palm’s Water park

The Palm’s Water Park, Aquaventure in Dubai is the World’s largest man-made island. If you have kids with you then its high-speed water slides and wave pool will keep their heart happy by heart. The impressive water experiences set in this water park are worth exploring. Just wear a bubble helmet, keep your body ready and sink to the bottom of Aquaventure’s shark lagoon.

Paddle up with Paddleboarding

Paddle Boarding is now the talk of the town in Dubai and has been a favorite water sport of Dubai inhabitants. Moreover, each activity is tried and tested by the professional fitness stars. There is an easy access to board rentals where you can enjoy great coffee in its unruffled water. Before you start, you are suggested to take some ideas from the experts as a beginner, so that you can have trouble free paddle boarding experience. It also works as a best health, exercise for you which helps you burn about 350 calories and makes you more relaxed.

Al Boom diving

Are you an experienced diver? Do you indeed want to explore the best of Dubai costs life face to face? If yes, then it’s time to go for Al Boom diving. It endows accompanied diving packages to the licensed divers also for those who’re under the learning procedure to perfect their skills. You are provided a handful equipments to help you with the dive adventures to the world islands around 4km off the Dubai coast, which is a home to various angelfish, grouper, barracudas, clown fish, sting rays, and a turtle or two.

Water Jet Packing

Widely known as Flyboarding, is truly a thrilling water based activity in Dubai, which is specially crafted for the thrill seekers at sea in Ghantoot which is 15 minutes out of town. It gets the adventure lovers of Dubai fitted into a small board strapped to a specially designed backpack that sucks up seawater to the best possible level before you spit it out by pushing the rider into the air. Water jet packing UAE assures that even the tyros will be able to maneuver themselves around the marina.
Water Jet Packing-min

Kitesurf with local inhabitant

You can’t resist the love of Dubai’s Kitesurfing. The only thing you have to do is just visit Kite Beach. You can see both amateurs as well as pros trying their hands on this extreme sport where a rider has to grip onto a handle attached to a parachute with which you will be then able to increase your speed and change the direction. It’s not just a simple parachute ride, but will also get you a full body exercises.

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Have Fun!



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