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Important Tips for Travelling during Ramadan

05 June 2018 | Travel Guide

Ramadan Mubarak! Well, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan falls during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Since it’s a pure-pious holy month, it’s a time of devout reflection which involves fasting during the daylight hours. So in case, if you are planning to travel to a Muslim-majority region during this month, believe us, you are going to have the most enthralling experience. Check out some traveling tips during Ramadan.

Tips for travelling during Ramadan

In many Muslim-majority places across the world like the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt, daily month changes stunningly this month, which gets a fantastic opportunity for the visitors to experience the completely new side to these places.
Take Care of the Basics
In the month of Ramadan, every Muslim fasts dawn-to-dusk since it’s a stellar month devoted to the sawm. Fast is kept from sun up to the sundown and all those who fast fatefully refrain from the food, drink, sex and tobacco to focus on the sacred restitution.
Right after the sunset, there is an elated iftar (aka sunset meal to break the fast) which is followed by a very late-night suhoor (pre-dawn feast). In other words, it’s a time of munificence and zakat or the charity, another of the five pillars of Islam. Since one has to avoid food and water for the full day, it’s a tough process and everyone slows down throughout the day.
Advance Flight Tickets
If you are planning to fly to an Islamic region, especially in the month of Ramadan, you need to ensure that you have booked your tickets in advance since there is a heavy flow of rush that might abstain you to find a seat. Keep your tickets ready in advance. Also, if you want to book the hotel in Dubai or in other Islamic countries, make sure to check the availability in advance.

Expect the Unexpected
There is an atmosphere of celebration, happiness, and zeal in the month of Ramadan (in Islamic countries) so you can expect to encounter some good cheerful moments. But besides this, you can also expect traffic jam that would probably take a few extra hours to be sorted. So you might get delayed due to the weather conditions and can get stuck to the places that have no food of your type.
So it would be a bit troublesome to get stuck during iftar while you have nothing to break your fast with. So take care of these emergency situations in mind and be prepared with some snacks in advance. Also, keep a bottle of fresh water so in case if you don’t find anything to eat you can break your fast with the sip of water at least.
See What’s on your Plate?
At some hotels, especially when you are at the entirely new place you can’t have the idea of where to find the proper halal and fresh food. So you need to do some research on your end to find the halal food. Also check with the airlines in advance to deliver you the for your dietary, nutritional or religious needs.
Ramadan Mubarak!

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