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Tips for Single Female Travelers

05 October 2014 | Travel Guide

Women travel for many reasons, whether to explore new horizons, pursue business possibilities or simply to relax and rest. All travelers  should be extra cautious, especially when travelling alone.

In this post, we are going to mention some safety tips for single female travelers:

Know the risks

Before planning your vacation, make sure you gather enough details about the place you are going to visit. This will make your traveling experience happier and safer. It will also help you to pick a place where you will feel  secure. The risk assessment should tackle all your concerns such as health conditions, security and safety, customs, local laws and cultural norms. You can develop a strong risk management strategy based on this research.

Carry all  Necessary Documents

Keep a set of copies of your ID card, passport, credit cards and other important documents. It is always a wise idea to send e-copies of these documents,  so you will be safe if something goes wrong like lost luggage etc. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers in your hand luggage.

Single Female Traveling

A Safe Haven

Finding safe accommodation should be one of your prime goals if you are traveling alone. Stay in a budget hotel, make sure you feel safe and comfy about the lodging and location as well. You should always be alert no matter where you are staying.

Dress Appropriately

The best way for a burglar to pick you out amid the crowd is not the shape of your eyes or the color of your skin… it’s the outfit that catches their fancy.

Female Traveling in UAE

For example, if you are thinking to visit a Muslim country like the UAE then you’ll have to leave  your super-cute shorts at home to respect the culture of the country. Before leaving, find out the appropriate dressing attire of your destination  and pack your wardrobe accordingly.

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Stay Connected

Even though you may wish to unwind and unplug yourself from the hassles of life, always keep your mobile phone with you. Tell your family members about your whereabouts and your expected time to reach the hotel. While enjoying the company of unfamiliar faces, be wary about sharing personal information or showing undeserved faith in strangers.

Single Female Travelers

Take Your Health with You

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer, a business executive or a mother, always have  a sufficient supply of basic first aid products handy. Bring antibacterial hand sanitizer as it will no doubt be needed throughout your travels.

Last but not least, we wish you a trouble-free and happy journey!

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