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Tips for Disabled Travelers

19 September 2016 | Travel Guide

Are you thinking to spend some cozy time with your family or friends overseas or within boundaries? Think twice over your special physical needs. Which equipment you’ll use, a walking stick, walker or wheelchair?

Are you visually impaired or have hearing problems? Do you need special equipments? Will you be renting a car, flying or taking a train? This mini guide is intended to endow disabled travelers with the much-needed traveling information to ensure a stress-free trip.

Do thorough research

People who choose to arrange their own trips are required to ask some important questions. For example, ask about the width of elevator doors as some of them are not spacious enough for a wheelchair.

Secondly, when booking for a cruise, carefully read the cruise line’s rules & regulations about accessibility. In short, the more details you can gather and prepare beforehand, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Disable Traveller

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Know your destination

People with different disabilities have different special needs. Thus, it is important to investigate the accessibility standards for the destination you would like to explore. Some countries have non-discrimination rules to aid travelers with disabilities while some do not.

So it is important for you to plan accordingly to avoid last minute surprises. Once you choose the place, research your choices for assistance with suitcases, moving easily through the terminal and modes of transport to your hotel.

Take help from experts

Disability organizations offer you helpful tips on how to travel easily with your disabilities. Specialized travel organizations can book accommodations, flights, cruises and transportation.

Some will provide travel insurance and medical equipments. The trained and knowledgeable agents can check with hotels to take care of special needs so mobility challenged travelers can enjoy hassle-free accommodation.


If you take medicines, you must ensure that you keep extra medication and prescription in your bag. Always keep labeled medicines and important medical documents in your travel bag as many countries have strict drug laws.

If you are diabetic and are on medication with a strict diet regimen, you must consult with your doctor about your workout routine and meal times, taking into consideration the duration of your trip and change in time zones. Don’t forget to research the types of medical care that are available in the places you are planning to travel.

Airlines and Accommodation

Know the airline and hotel rules regarding accommodation for travelers with special needs. If you make air travel plans, keep in mind your health issues, stamina, length of flight and plane transfers.

Be specific about your lodging needs- ask frankly for whatever you need to make your stay comfy and take it in written. Your tour operator or travel agent should be able to recommend you, but you may also need to talk clearly with the hotel manager directly to know more about the facilities offered by them to people with different disabilities.

Final words…

With thorough research and advance preparation for your special needs along with these handy travel tips, you can help to ensure that your trip to your favorite place goes smoothly.

Happy & safe journey!!

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