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Tips for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

09 December 2019 | Travel Guide

With Christmas and New Year is round the corner, many of us are already done with our to-do lists. But, a few of us, like the travel-freaks or avid voyagers are still in quest of right destination. If you are one of those lucky folks already done with your travel plans, there is still something important you’re missing.


This Christmas and New Year’s Eve Season, everyone has a different unique plan, someone wants to visit his relatives staying far off the city, someone is planning to go out on a vacation with his/her partner, someone anticipating a tasty Christmas on the beach where others are going to have a travel blast by heading towards their dream destination. So, what’s your plan?


Wherever you go, but traveling at such busiest times of the year can indeed be very stressful. So here we are going to endow you with some basic tips to make your Christmas and New Year Travel hassle free…

Stay focused to your plan & make arrangements earlier

This time of the year is a magical time and creates a mesmerizing aura which can easily distract you from your exact plans. Every street of the city is vibrant and coated with the sizzling festive buzz so make sure that you make your plan in advanced. Make sure that your passport and visas are in date, print out all required documents including your boarding cards. Also organize your travel insurance in advance to avail the basic festive based deals.


Keep the control on your holiday extras

While you are making your travel plan in advance, do include your holiday extras at the same time which includes car hire, airport transfers as well as travel money online. Advance arrangements can help you avail the best festive deals. Drive up rates for car parking can be extremely high during peak season, so make sure that you book it as early as possible.

Right Time to Book for Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Christmas: If you are going to travel domestically, booking your travel 3 weeks in advance can make you save around 5%. Waiting too long may result in increased fares massively by as much as 36%.


New Year: For domestic travel, book your new year’s even in early December. At this time, the average fares are found to be as low as $409. For those who are planning to go Europe, the departure date has already approached, if you can do this, do it now.

In case if you are heading to Caribbean, try to book your New Year’s travel 4 to 21 days prior to departure date. As the exact hike in prices is still not fixed, keep checking with other sources to find the exact data.


Don’t prepare food for travel, until you’re not sure it’s allowed

You may have killed hours to make your favorite cake for this eve but travelling with food may cause you many problems. Check with the security staff and baggage info department whether you can carry the food item in plane or not. Each airline has different policy about food carrying, so please check in advance.

Enjoy! Have A Great Christmas and New Year’s Eve Ahead

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