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Tips for Choosing the Right Accommodation when You Travel on a Budget

13 January 2014 | Travel Guide

When you are planning a trip there are a few points to be kept in mind which are almost universal. The most important being where you will be staying. The following steps can help you choose the right accommodation, balancing your budget and time. Deciding on things well in advance will help to plan your stay and save time and money without stress. Appropriate accommodation is the key to everything in a good trip.


Travel Budget: Outline your travel budget with suitable projections on how much you can spend on accommodation, bearing in mind the services you would like to avail and transportation costs involved.
There are many different options to consider when it comes to accommodation. Besides hotels there are holiday apartments, serviced apartments, hostels etc. To balance all budgets and objectives some of the popular choices of stay are discussed below.

  • Hotels – Hotels are the most common type of accommodation, found everywhere. They are well advertised and located in convenient areas in city centers. Hotels are usually more expensive, but the additional services justify the cost. They are fine for both business trips and indulgent vacations.

Holiday Inn Dubai Al - Barsha Hotel


  • Hostels – Hostels are cheaper because they offer fewer services than a hotel and the location will usually be away from important tourist sites. However, hostels have a culture of their own as the less expensive rates invite a younger and more diverse crowd. Youth Hostels do clamp age limits on people who want to stay. The perfect solution for a backpacker on a budget, good for stretching cash and to do more with less.




  • Apartments: In many cities you can also rent a vacation apartment or villa. It can be short or long term. This works well for those who want a home away from home for maximum privacy. The rates for these apartments can save you money usually spent on hotels if the stay is for a significant amount of time. Though the prime services rendered by hotels may be lacking, there will be standard to luxurious amenities. You can see apartments advertising online besides directory websites.




  • Camping Areas – The cheapest ever accommodation you can pay for is a campsite; however you will need your own tent. Search for listings of campsites that you can use in your target country. Most camping areas do provide bathroom services for those staying there.


Campsite for Accommodation

Share Your Experience
Once in your destination, record your experiences at the accommodation. Share your opinion with peers; whether it was good or bad as someone else can benefit from your review. Internet forums are the perfect place to broadcast your thoughts and tips. Finally a piece of wisdom for those looking for hotels to stay at, you can be very comfortable during your trip if you can find a decent budget hotel that will fruitfully justify all your concerns of budget and time.  Find the best hotel using the many online classified sites that have listings suited to all types of customer’s requirements and needs.

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