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Tips For A Romantic Hotel Room Makeover

13 August 2015 | Travel Guide

It happens to everyone, when a desire engulfs the mind to do something extraordinary for the most ‘special person’ in life. The occasion may be Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or to say I love you in a romantic atmosphere such as a well decorated hotel room.


Romantic Hotel Room Makeover

Often, romance and a hotel room usually do not gel. This is because a general impression prevails that a romantic experience in a hotel room will be boring as most hotels are too generic and lack in providing the right accessories to create the desired romantic atmosphere. But, if there is a will there is a way too.


Makeover Importance

A little bit of hard work can transform a hotel room into a romantic hideaway. The makeover can be pre-staged by hiring someone or to do it oneself before the partner arrives.

Revitalize love in a romantic hotel room. Decorate the room with special touches to set the mood and connect with the dear one you love.


Creating the right ambience is essential to set the mood. A properly staged hotel room can knock any lovers’ socks off. The exotic environment must add a new thrill into the moments. The makeover can involve many factors, ranging from fragrances of floral notes and setting a dim lighting tone to a special casting of a particular colour (red) for enhancing sensuality are part of that.


Romantic Hotel Room Makeover

Table Setting:

A romantic table setting is very important. If the room does not have a big table, you can spread a silk scarf on a dresser with a heart-shaped basket or tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and an ice bucket with a chilled wine.


Soothing light music from an iPod with portable speakers can be fantastic. So pipe her favorite tunes and fill the room gently to lift the spirits of your lover.


Go for subdued lights. Place batteries operated votive candles in all sensitive corners of the room and close the drapes and shutters.

Rose Petals.

Welcome your partner with a trail of rose petals right from the front door all the way to the bed. Lavishly sprinkle rose petals on the bed. For extra protection of the bed, placing a romantic blanket on the bed and placing the petals on top is not a bad idea.

Romantic hotel room makeover

Be Sweet.

Though chocolate is a favorite for all romantic occasions, a valuable truffle from a good candy shop will be apt.


Hotels may provide nice sheets and comforters. For extra novelty using satin sheets will be even better. Even a faux fur blanket on the bed can heighten the pleasure further.

Romantic Hotel Room Decoration


To start the love moments formally uncork a bottle of Champagne to exhilarate the occasion. It will also go well with the chocolates. If alcohol is a taboo, then use sparkling cider which is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

If you are a Thai food lover you may also like to have romantic thai dinner at good thai food restaurant.

Thai Dinner with couple

So enjoy romance to the max and stay at a budget hotel where all amenities are at optimum level and will not pinch the pocket.


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