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Tips for a Professional Check Out from the Hotel after a Pleasant Stay

19 December 2013 | Travel Guide

You can add style, substance and a professional touch to checking out of a hotel rather than merely packing your suitcases and jumping into a cab after slipping out the front door with the doorman saying ‘see you sir and stay with us next time’. There are a few people who take longer time to get ready to check out forcing the housekeeping to prompt them that it is time to go.
Below are a few “must do’s” you should always practice for a successful checkout.

Complete Sweep of the Room: Do a thorough search by lifting the blankets, look under the bed, pull out drawers, check the bathroom and peep in the closets. If you leave something behind you will never see it again.

Things Everyone Should Do Before Checking Out of a Hotel

Grab your Chargers. While sweeping the room for belongings-toiletries, clothing, jewelry, books- check the outlets for your phone, tablet or computer chargers. More and more hotels are placing outlets above desks and nightstands so there is no need to unplug a floor lamp to charge your phone.
Collect the Souvenirs. It is a passion for some to have memorabilia of their hotel stay by grabbing a few items supplied in the hotel room such as notepads, pens, toiletries, slippers and even the plastic laundry bags.
Review your Expenses. Be in control of the hotel cost. Quickly review and recap all expenses you have made; not forgetting Wi-Fi, minibar snacks or room service so that ‘mistakes’ of double-billing will not catch you unaware. In the case of an early morning check out, do take time to verify the bill and charges with the front desk to clear all ambiguities as disputing a resolution after checkout will be cumbersome.
Five Tips: The housekeeper who has been making your bed or changing towels and cleaning bathrooms deserves a tip, especially if he has been doing it in a row. A few dollars each day must be spared as a tip in a clearly marked spot so that the recipient gets it promptly.
Guard Against Missing Items: Anguished travelers share tales of lost items such as missing luggage, passports, cell phones and sunglasses on planes and hotel shuttles. A little vigilance is the way to handle this. Personal toiletries are often forgotten while packing, leaving razors and face-wash is very common. Sometimes even a dress may be missed in the closet.
Last Minute Search: That last minute peek under the bed one more time is really necessary. Who knows a shirt, book, or toy might be lying there? The family can also help to do a double check.
Check the Bill: Besides taking all your belongings, always check the bill before you leave. Extra charges not added to the bill such as room service or movies are easier to sort out in person than a month later when the bill comes by mail.
When you book your stay in a budget hotel make sure that you have a pleasant stay and these aspects are duly taken care of during check out.

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