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Secrets of Travelling Light Yet Having All the Essentials in your Bag

20 January 2014 | Travel Guide

Travelling light is an extra pleasure to any journey, but there are also people who literally carry their entire home with them. However, lighter luggage should still have all the bare essentials required during a trip. Below are some of the most important items we need to carry on a trip. What to carry and what to leave ultimately depends on the type of holiday you have planned and the peculiarities if any of the destination including its weather.

Here is a list of ‘Must-Takes’ that may help you when you are ‘on the go’.

Secrets of Travelling Light Yet Having All the Essentials in your Bag

Travel Papers
Never forget to pack important documents in your bag. For trips abroad, it is essential to carry your passport, flight tickets and visa papers. Only the tickets for your transportation by plane or train are required for local trips. Always carry your driving license, ID and copies of travel insurance. Choose a travel insurance plan that covers your health.
Zip-lock bags are a must to pack clothes in accordance with the destination and length of the vacation. Comfortable clothes can include a swimsuit and a pair of slippers or thongs. When packing, give priority to comfort rather than fashion. A pair of jeans can come handy at the least expected time, so keep at least one pair ready. Make sure that you have sun and rain protection. If you want to hit the beach, have a bottle of sunscreen lotion in your beach bag. Don’t forget sunglasses, raincoat and an umbrella as the weather may be unpredictable.
Always carry cash, ATM and credit cards when you are on a vacation whether it is overseas or domestic travel. It is good to plan the amount of money you will spend on the trip. That will help in managing your money wisely.
Destination Info
Have a diary with all details of your destination to which you are proceeding. It should include the hotel address, directions and contact numbers. Visiting a place for the first time is fun, but you should not get lost and you will not by knowing the specific landmarks. Carrying a map and guide is very important.
Accessories for Devices
Do not forget to take your camera along and extra memory for it. Keep the camera charger and plug converter on standby if it is an international travel. You may also want to pack iPad’s, laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players to enjoy your holidays. For all battery-operated devices carrying extra batteries and chargers or cables is a must.


Accessories for traveling

First Aid Box
Carry a first aid kit; it is especially important when travelling with kids. This can keep you safe if the vacation entails mountain climbing or a thrilling bike race. Anti-bacterial wipes are essential no matter what type of vacation you go on.
For your accommodation, book your stay in a budget hotel while planning the trip. The advantage is that they are mostly located in central locations in any big city and will effectively balance your concerns without compromising on quality or standards. However all budget hotels are not fit for everyone so you must have knowledge of choosing the right accommodation when you travel on a budget.

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