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10 Packing Tips for Kids to Make Your Travelling Stress Free

17 December 2015 | Travel Guide

Kids, Ah! They are said to be the most uncertain fellows we’ve had around us. Though their cuteness hide their naughty deeds but they are really difficult to deal with. And when you dare to travel with kids, there are a lot of things to bear in mind. More often, they play a vital role in deciding whether your trip is going to be memorable or nightmare.
Planning for travelling with Children
If they are good throughout the tour, your journey will automatically be fine, but if they are not then, it can create a huge issue. If you are all set to plan out a long-awaited family vacation trip, then know a few good tricks to make your family trip smooth. These tips are very useful for those who are about to have a family vacation experience with kids and adults. Keep reading our packing tips for kids when travelling with family.
(Note: These packing tips are only for kids not adults)
1. Make a packing list before 10 days at least- Things in written are easy to check on. So before you plan your vacation, it’s better to start making your list before 10 days or at least before a week. Spare out some time, think and note down every single thing.
Travel with Childrens
2. Have young kids Share their suitcase- To ease the stress of heaviness and baggage restrictions over airports, have young kids share their suitcase. Adjust your kids’ spares in young kids’ suitcases. Use wheel operated suitcases to make the travel convenient.
3. Keep two spare outfits and 1 for each day- Since you hardly get a chance to change their clothes in a day, unless there is a major mess, 1 outfit per day is enough where extras are for emergency.
4. Keep two underwear for each day and at least 2 in extra- when traveling with kids, it’s important to keep at least 2 underwear for each day and 2 in extra. Since underwear covers little space, you can keep more for other reasons too.
5. Pack up all toiletries together- Toiletries can alone take the half of the space in your suitcase if kept separately. Since kids just need the basic, you can find all-in-one products such as conditioner/body wash/shampoo that help you to pack one bottle for all the items.
6. Keep at least 1 hooded sweatshirt for each kid- when going out in a new city or country, don’t believe the climate condition blindly. Keep your backup to protect your kids from sudden weather change, rain or winter.
7. Carry an extra plastic bag to keep dirty clothes of kids- when on travel, you don’t have time to get the clothes washed or call a laundry. It’s better to keep a extra bag to keep the dirty clothes separately instead of keeping them in a bag. This will also prevent your bag from getting stinky smell that comes out of the dirty clothes.

8. Inventory small toys- Kids cannot adjust with their entertainment whether you are flying 500ft high or travelling in a personal car, train or bus. So make sure you carry their small inventory games to keep themselves entertained. If there is any favorite item that keeps your kid comfortable then don’t forget to carry the same.
9. Toys substitute- If you have space issues and cannot carry toys then find alternate options like balloons. This will not just keep your kids entertained but also help you to eliminate the pressure. Get some stickers to create drawings, making easy DIY lift-the-flap books, or games for all ages.
10. First Aid- If your kids is having any certain prescription then keep that along with you and some basic medicines to cope up with the sudden situation or any mess happen. Keep all the personalized tools and meds along with the basic stuffs such as- bandages, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, etc.

Family Travel

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Next time when you travel with kids, follow these packing tips and make your travel lighter, safer and convenient. Let’s go for your vacation now…1

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