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Money Safety Tips For Travelling In Dubai

28 February 2017 | Travel Guide

For travelers, Dubai is a largest stopover destination and when it comes to Dubai, it’s also assumed to be expensive, so you have to be prepared with some money tips when travelling in Dubai. Like most cities with extremely high living standards, Dubai too is high on budgets, but if you know these tricks, you can save a lot more on your Dubai travel.
Use Coupons
Before you plan your tour, do a complete research about your hotel stays, foods, flight fare, etc. These days, you can find plentiful websites online which offer some exciting offers on your complete tour package. From your hotel stay to fares, and even on the food as well, you can find interesting discount offers.
Attend Happy Hour
If you are planning to out in a bar, make sure there are happy hours going on. They can make you save a whopping discount on your drinks. Choose an average bar and calculate your spending to save more on your potential expenses.
The Q
Take the metro
Metro in Dubai, as compared to buses is more convenient and cheaper at the same time. So if you are travelling locally, use metro otherwise taxis can indeed make a shocking difference in your budget.
Eat in old Dubai
Malls, hotels and fancy souks are meant to burn a hole in your pocket. It’s better to head into old Dubai and find some tasty food at cheap prices.
Ramadan Dish Recipe by Chef Sameh
These tips can literally help you save a lot of money during your trip in Dubai.

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