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Important Tips to Ensure Hassle-Free Hotel Reservations

19 February 2014 | Travel Guide

When planning a trip, it is important to ensure perfect hotel accommodation. Merely making an effort to book a hotel may not be fruitful unless some proven steps are followed that can prevent loss of money and time. The point is to take informed decisions after a clear understanding on how the hotel reservation process actually works.


Call Directly: Talk directly to the hotel and you will receive personalized attention when making reservations. Check for special discounted rates and take note of the hotel details; location, landmarks and access route.
Important Tips for a Hotel Reservations by Phone
Tariff: Ask for the room rate and tax before confirming the reservation. Using a valid credit card will guarantee a reserved room. The credit card gives you peace of mind that the room will not go to anyone else should you be unexpectedly late. The only risk in that case can be the need for sufficient credit on your card, if not the hotel may cancel the reservation before you show up.
Room Type: Specific choice of rooms such as with a view, on a certain floor, pool side etc can be mentioned at the time of booking, but such requests must be made well in advance. This ensures the hotel obliged to honour your request.

Guest Name: When providing the guest’s name, make sure that it is spelt correctly as a misspelling can cause you to lose a room especially when the hotel is sold out for the night.

Confirmation number: Get a confirmation number for each room reserved. This will eliminate misunderstandings or disputes on arrival.


Hassle-Free Hotel Reservations

Room Décor: Inform the hotel your required room decor such as king bed or two queen beds and also smoking preferences. This is important for people with allergies, problems with smoke or asthmatic infections.
Check out time: If you want an early check in because of some event like a wedding, it is best to know the hotel’s early check in policy. Late checkout will usually cost you a half-day rate for the extra time.

Cancellation policy: Check the policy on cancellation to prevent your credit card being over charged for a ‘No Show’. Make sure to notify the hotel prior to their deadline to avoid charges. No hotel would like to suffer revenue loss from a room they are holding for a guest who fails to show up without informing them in advance.

Credit card: Guests must present a valid credit card at the time of check in. Should a third party be paying and that person is not present, a third party payment form needs to be completed in advance with the signature of the cardholder who authorizes the payment and a photocopy of both sides of the credit card.


Hotel reservations by credit card
A hotel is mostly liked for its customer engagement. Budget hotels are far ahead for their caring attitude and the best amenities without over charging guests. Book your stay in a budget hotel and use the above tips suitably to enjoy a pleasant vacation or business trip.

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