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Make your Honeymoon a Life-Long Memorable Trip

02 March 2015 | Travel Guide

The honeymoon period creates a lot of romance and excitement in the life of newly wedded couples. Comedy, drama, tragedy, and a bit of sadness are the most common feelings usually experienced by love birds. For the majority of couples, the exotic honeymoon is the reward at the end of the long process of wedding planning. The honeymoon gives couples a golden opportunity to understand each other in a better way.

Honeymoon Romantic Couple

You’ve penned down a lot of ideas to plan your honeymoon; however there might be something missing, the charm may not all be evident. If this is what your dilemma is, we have the perfect solutions to make it the most romantic and memorable time of your lives

Choose your destination wisely

Before anything else, think of the location you would like to visit. Though 8 out of 10 couples usually have a certain place in their minds, it’s important to make the right decision. Keep weather conditions in mind, follow your partners consent, ask your friends, Google your choice or just leave it to your travel planner. Once you have both agreed, then proceed with the preparations.

Hotel room makeover

Have the regular appearance of a hotel room converted with the help of the hotel staff; they are always willing to go that extra mile to make your stay more pleasant. There’s no need to hire the services of external experts for this purpose, the hotel housekeeping are more than capable of setting a beautiful scene for you. They will adorn the room by using numerous props like candles and rose petals, and invigorate the warm feeling of love in the room.

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Romantic Room Decoration


The right ambience sets the right and mood. An exquisitely decked location is sure to be fancied by both partners alike. The exotic atmosphere adds a fresh gush of excitement and thrill into those romantic moments. Slight changes in the setting can be made very easily with floral notes, the favorite fragrance of your partner and dim lights in your room.

Musical surprise

Music and atmosphere go together. Soft music is always associated with love and romance. Soothing and relaxing beats are perfect for a slow dance. Ask the hotel manager to play your partners favorite songs while dining out. This light music will melt away the wedding stress and lift the spirits of your partner tenderly. If the restaurant has live music, a serenade specially done at your table will always be cherished dearly.

romantic music

Red Roses

Intriguing, dramatic, elegant and beautiful, red roses are the symbol of love, affection and care. Greet your spouse with an enthralling track of red rose petals right from the entrance of the door and spread throughout the room and bathroom also. A bunch of red roses in a vase will brighten up any room.

24 Red Roses Vase

Roses are perfect for all occasions and they are always close to the heart of women. Generously sprinkle fresh petals on the bed and for extra charm, place the red roses with scented candles.

Superb bedding

Bedding is undoubtedly an essential part of the bedroom décor. Satin and silk are perfect fabrics for your bed. These soft materials will provide you a relaxing feel in the end and make your night comfortable. Your partner will surely feel the warmth and touch of love immediatlely after entering a well decorated bedroom.

 Honeymoon bed

Have a memorable honeymoon…

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