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Glorify your evenings with these implausible desert safaris

30 September 2017 | Travel Guide

Dubai in UAE, across the world is better known for its wonderful eye-pleasing treats whether it is about man-made luxuries or to explore the pristine heritage places, but above all, there is that thing which everyone is crazy for i.e. Desert Safaris which is famous across the world. The voyager departs in the afternoon across the desert of Dubai with several photo-stops, just clicked within the best frame.

Let’s enjoy a fantastic day

There is everything for the folks from different walks of life ranging from the ideal desert safari to romantic evening cruise that you have been waiting for a long time. With several beautiful activities provided by Dubai itself, you are gonna have maximum fun than you have ever dreamed.

There is lot to do and lot to look, spare your time and indulge in the wonderful trips

Once you are done with the right selection of stay which we suggest you to go at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, there are lots of activities to do such as enjoying the blue waters of Dubai from the deck ranging from 37 feet to 85 feet long or if you want a bountiful catch, take a 33 feet sport fishing boat. You can also visit Musandam Dibba or Musandam Khasab aboard, a graceful dhow or take a dinner cruise along with the Dubai creek or around the Dubai marina.

Go for dune driving & desert wildlife safaris

After embarking to this majestic fun rolling destination you will get your answer, why Dubai is called as the desert city? Just make a list of several activities that you can do there, ranging from the adrenaline with quad-biking or just relax on a luxury overnight escape.

Traverse the dunes

They’re a lot more experiences to do in Dubai as the desert safari. Take a back seat and sit in front of your four wheeled drive but make sure that you hold yourself tight to tackle the teetering on the edge and sheer drops which slopes you up and down due to heavy dune. There are various stops to enjoy sunset photos before you carefully fluff up to a customary style Bedouin camp where an Arabic buffet dinner awaits you.

Have fun with off-road adventure- it’s a must try

Just forget about the taxi driver, move forward to Big Red and hop on a quad bike…now you are all set to steer the sandy backdrop yourself. Bikes are available to hire for hour basis, as quad bikes are speedy, make sure you are wearing a good helmet while riding.

off-road adventure

Image Source : http://bit.ly/1J9mnWG

Just chase down the natural trail of dunes by kicking sand in the face of your fellow riders while bouncing and hurling over the most iconic sand patches of Dubai. Al Hamar and Big Re, as locally called are easy spot along with Dubai Hatta (e44) highway. You can either ask your drive to wait for you or you can hire the bike for the rest of the say.


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