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Go Green with These Eco-friendly Travel Tips

02 August 2016 | Travel Guide

Ecotourism is a burning subject in the gigantic world of travel. Everything we do on our trips like from gifts we purchase for our loved ones, modes of transportation we use and the foods we relish, leaves an impact the Mother Nature, but how to travel without harming environment.
Worry not.
Here, we’ve weaved together a simple guide to reduce the environmental impact of our travel on nature.
Let’s check out these eco-friendly travel tips and go green next time!
Select the destination carefully

Eco- Friendly

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If you are thinking to enjoy a long weekend with your family, do some careful research on eco-travel comprising animal welfare, social welfare, human right, and environmental protection on the top. You can take help from renowned eco-tourism websites and take a right decision.
Pack light

Travel with Childrens

In order to carry heavier stuffs, vehicles have to produce more carbon emissions, which is harmful for our environment. This will also help you reduce on those heavy luggage charges that airline companies charge from passengers. Furthermore, weight is another important factor here. While buying gifts, go for light souvenirs’ like a pillowcase instead of blanket and you can save your back from extra burden.
Use cycle


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Pedal power is great for your health and environment both. Once you reach to the designated place, use public transportation to cycle to explore the beauty of different sights. If your destination is pedestrian or bicycle friendly, use cycle to visit places, which are close at hand. This method will also reduce burden from your pocket, isn’t great!
Stay green


Opt for eco-friendly or certified green hotels. These hotels use environment friendly products. Many hotels now give their guests the option to save water by not washing their bed sheets and towels on a daily basis. While staying, minimize the consumption of water and save electricity by turning off unnecessary lights.
Eat local food items


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Support the local farmers; savor a more authentic taste of the local cuisine and lighten your carbon footprint all the more. Find out eateries promoting local food or, if that’s out of your reach, eat local dishes, but try to avoid endangered species like shellfish and turtle.
Be mindful

Image Credit - IHG

Image Credit – IHG

Planning an evening beach with your spouse on a romantic beach? Make sure you just leave your footprints on the shimmering sand. All types of trash like plastic glasses, wrappers, cigarette butts, etc should be cleared out properly. You can bring your own containers for leftovers. Keep the sea water clean by not feeding the fishes and birds.
Love and respect nature
If you are willing to explore the local environment, pay a visit to federal, state and local gardens. This will enlighten you more about the local wildlife and ecosystems. Click pictures, but do not disturb the animals. Walk on designated pathways so as not to hurt the local habitation.
Image Source  :http://bit.ly/2aJnkzF

Image Credit :http://bit.ly/2aJnkzF

You are now all set to enjoy your green vacation. Some of the above highlighted pointers are very easy to add in while other may take some time and efforts from your side. Do your part honestly to make sure that the places you enjoy today are still in the same condition or better for coming generations.
Happy & Safe Journey!

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