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Choosing the Right Concierge for a Hotel

21 November 2013 | Travel Guide

There is a constant race among luxury hotels to offer first-class amenities to their guests in every room. A hotel property is distinguished by the extra value it provides to guests by outstanding service.
The Concierge is the biggest contributor to making a hotel successful and customer orientated. The hotel’s profitability is in the hands of the Concierge, this is the reason why their performance makes a decisive impact on the successful stay of the guest.
Highly personalized service from the Concierge leaves memorable experiences in the minds of the guest, evoking their loyalty.
Concierge Hotel
Essential Qualities
1. Accessibility: The Concierge must provide easy access to the guests and be soothing in tone and manner. A warm welcome always encourages guests to return.
2. Communication: They must have strong communication skills and a professional appearance.
3. Influencing: The behavior of the Concierge must be persuasive enough for guests to fall in love with the hotel and want to return. The guests should feel satisfied and enticed positively in a subtle way to become loyal to the hotel.
4. Confidential: The guests may share personal information with the Concierge. Discretion demands establishing a trusting relation with the guests and maintaining their confidence.
5. Calm: The ability to keep cool and stay calm in tense moments is vital. An employee in control portrays an image of extreme professionalism.
6. Honest: As a trusted authority, the Concierge team play a role in ensuring the guests return by considering him or her as their best friend in town.  It is very important to preserve integrity as a value and act in the interest of both guests and employer.
7. Immense Patience: There may be moments to lose patience, the Concierge very often have to repeat directions many times to the same guest. It may be hard but showing signs of impatience does not conform to the position.
8. Respect for Others: The Concierge needs the support of a powerful network of colleagues and suppliers in assisting the guests.  It is essential to show respect towards everyone.
9. Tolerance to Cultures: Hotel lobbies are brimming with people from various cultures, languages, races and ages. The Concierge must have a pluralistic outlook and deal with diversity.
10. Diplomacy: Dealing with difficult people in a positive way is an art. Guests may come up with delicate situations, they may not always be right. Dealing with these situations diplomatically will make them look good.
11. Passion for Service: The Concierge must love to make other people happy; this comes from a passion for service. A passionate Concierge team can make guests feel like royals by heeding to their requests at any time.
When you are in a city and trying to find the best hotel, consider these points and compare it with your past experiences in other hotels.

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