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Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Business Trip

07 October 2014 | Travel Guide

Innovative travel tips can save time and money of a business traveler so that he or she can stay focused.

Be Ready: Any frequent flying businessperson should keep crucial items such as toiletries and charging cables in a travel bag ready to move at any time. Even though they will need to be replenished after a couple of trips, the hassle of preparing for a business trip will be minimized.

Essential tips for a Successful Business Trip

Baggage Limits: Ensure the weight of your luggage is within the official limits and not over, this will save you paying excess baggage fees. Make sure this is done before arriving at the airport to avoid last minute panicking.

Planning a Successful Business Trip

Avoid Soaking: If it is a raining day, line the bottom of your luggage with a plastic drycleaners bag, this will prevent your clothes getting soaked if you use soft luggage.

Travel Docs: Keep all your travel documents including itineraries, confirmation emails and maps in a colored transparent envelope so that it is easy to grab on the way to the airport.

Back up Ticket: Flight cancellations or long delays can be a nightmare. As a precaution, purchase a fully refundable ticket in addition to the main flight for the same route from another airline or a nearby airport.

RFID Risk: These days many passports and credit cards are using radio frequency identification (RFID) chips. Consequently the transmitting radio waves will also beam out vital personal information. To check the loss of personal information RFID-blocking passport cases and wallets are available. Use them to prevent interception of information and to safeguard ID details.

Safeguarding Documents: Do make copies of important documents such as a scanned copy of your passport, birth certificate, credit-card numbers, driving license and medical information to access them later.

Restricted passport: Some countries have an embargo on visitors entering their territory if their passports have been used to visit certain other countries not allies of theirs. To overcome such situations, a restricted passport in addition to a regular passport can help. These special passports are issued by the State Department and require proof of need and a confirmed itinerary.

Fare Info: When planning a business flight, online trip reservation websites can be helpful. Some of these websites provide all fares on a single round-trip ticket. Information about possible upgrades and award tickets in real-time basis can also be viewed there.

Planning a Successful Business Trip

Hand Sanitizer: You can catch a cold within a week of flying. So carry a tube of hand sanitizer on board. A good nasal sanitizer helps reduce the risk of infection and the spread of germs by killing up to 99.9% of germs entering the nose.

After all these precautions and once you are in your destination make yourself comfortable by checking into a good hotel with a great view. Reserve a room in a budget hotel to make use of excellent business packages for your trip. This can reduce travel costs considerably without lowering the standards of amenities.

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