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Business Travel Tips for Frequent Corporate Travelers

23 January 2020 | Travel Guide

Do you travel frequently on corporate tours? Business travelling can be tough and stressful. There are so many things to manage from booking flights to packing and meeting your business goals and agendas. Sometimes it turns out to be a headache due to always moving away from family and being so tired.’
Here are some travel tips for frequent business travelers which can minimize stress and increase productivity. Although it is tough to enjoy your corporate trip but it is not impossible. Make the most out of your business travel with the help of these tips.

1. Always plan your trip ahead of time. Do not keep things to be checked for last moment. Create an itinerary of your trip and then accordingly book your tickets. Create a to do list mentioning all things you need to do for the trip.

2. Book your flight tickets in advance. You can check for deals going on business class as well or can pay by credit card that can give you either reward points or either cashback.

Business trip

Never make hurry while doing the bookings. Cross check date, destination and time of flight twice in order to avoid any confusion later on. Try to book nonstop flights to save time.
3. Do not overload your luggage by packing everything which you may not need. As you will be staying in a budget hotel in Dubai which will provide you all facilities.

Business trip

But, do not forget to pack your essential items such as any chargers, laptop, wallet, business card, toiletries, grooming kit, travel documents, meeting clothes, healthy snacks to munch on while traveling and so on. Keep your phone and laptop full charge before you fly.
4. Make sure that you include some casual clothes and formal clothes in your luggage just in case you roam around the city or may have candle light dinner or party with the clients. You need to make yourself prepared for every situation.
5. Pack items in an organized manner; do not just put clothes in the suitcase and lock. Otherwise, you will just end up with searching for your things on your trip. Keep all things in easy reach. Pack all your sleeping items or medicines, if any.
6. Take print outs of all confirmations and important numbers. It will avoid opening and showing phone again and again for confirmations. Just keep all prints ready in one hand and show whenever demanded by the authorities.
7. Take backup of all your important documents, data, contacts, files just in case you lost your mobile phone or laptop. Put passwords on your gadgets and suitcase.
8. Choose your hotel accommodation wisely. Stay in the centre of the city close to the airport and your meeting venue.

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When visiting Dubai, book hotels near mall of the emirates for easy transportation. Hotels in Al Barsha are all modern, clean and well maintained but still check images and reviews before booking.

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