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Al Barsha Restaurants in Dubai That Everyone Needs to Discover – By Insydo

01 June 2017 | Restaurants & Bars

There’s sooo much more to Al Barsha’s foodie scene than Mall of the Emirates.
Al Barsha is one of those neighbourhoods that you don’t really visit unless you live here (or just coming down to Mall of the Emirates).
Well we’re here to tell you what local residents already know: this district is absolutely packed with hidden restaurant gems! Not sure where to start? Check out our favourite culinary hotspots for some inspiration!

1. The Royal Budha

Love Thai? Put this at the TOP of your list! The Royal Budha combines authentic Thai cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere (not to mention a giant Budha statue overlooking the dining room). If you order just one thing, make it the chicken satay with peanut sauce.


2. Shakeism Milkshakes

Not only does Shakeism Milkshakes whip up some of the best milkshake Dubai creations around (that come in 10 flavours!), but they also specialise in some seriously tasty waffles. Come for the quirky or satisfy your sweet tooth with delivery.

3. Pizzeria Pulcinella

Everybody has a favourite pizza Dubai spot, but we’re guessing that some of you have yet to try Pizzeria Pulcinella. This Italian eatery features a menu inspired by the old recipes of Napoli – give them a try and get ready to be blown away by their cheesy pizza pies and pasta bowls.

4. Niloo’s

A gourmet Iranian restaurant Dubai hotspot, Niloo’s is the perfect intro to Persian cuisine for first-timers. Serving up classic dishes like Joojeh Kebab with a homestyle touch, this joint is easily one of our favourites.

5. Moshi – Momo & Sushi

Got a craving for quick-and-easy Asian eats? Moshi – Momo & Sushi is a sushi restaurant in Dubai that combines Japanese and Nepalese culinary favourites in a unique concept. Easy on the wallet with a range of diverse selections on offer, Moshi is a must-try.

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