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Travelwithme: Review of Restaurant GHARANA, Dubai – Fine Dining With Live Music

03 October 2019 | News

Recently I was invited to the redesigned and exciting menu of Gharana and so presenting you my candid reviews of Restaurant GHARANA, Dubai – Fine Dining With Live Music. “Gharānā” – a Hindi/Urdu word translates to “FAMILY” or “HOUSE”. “Gharānā” word is associated with Indian classical music and as this fine dining restaurant offers dinner with live music, so is the name perfectly matches with its theme.

Table decor and interiors at Gharana

Also it serves the ancient royal cuisine derived from ancient royal households of India. As you all know that India is a land of diverse culture, cuisines, music and famous Gharanas, so this restaurant serves specific regional cuisines with all uniqueness from different parts or Gharanas of India.
Jaipur Gharana – Western India
Hyderabad Gharana – Southern India
Awadhi (Lucknow) Gharana – Northern India
Punjab(Patiala) Gharana – Indian state in North Western Region

These are the famous royal households/Gharana from India, also famous for Indian classical music as well. Many Indian classical music legends belong to these Gharana and this cult of music is adapted in many music compositions of Indian music in present also.

Gharana Live Musicians and singers

Let’s take an overview of Restaurant GHARANA, Dubai – Fine Dining With Live Music
The specialty of this restaurant is live Indian music on all days. So this restaurant not only presents the regional royal household food options but also have daily Indian music with live singers and musicians. Live music band comprises of Tabla players, male & female playback singers with a keyboard player. With fully functional bar, live Indian music of your choice, authentic royal Indian food this place makes a perfect place for fine dining option in Dubai.
AMBIANCE / DÉCOR OF Restaurant GHARANA, Dubai – Fine Dining With Live Music

Entrance to Gharana

As the name of this restaurant is Gharana, so is the decor of whole place. The warm colors of wall, arches and pillars inside the restaurant transports you to royal household settings. Even the furniture, crockery, cutlery and Indian swing at entrance are designed as per the royal Indian style.

Gharana Table decor and interiors

Though the music also is an important feature of this restaurant, so that is also reflected in the decor by having special band area for live musicians and singers. The whole atmosphere is very relaxing, soothing and warm. Due to subtle lighting , candles and colors of wall, the setting is very romantic and soothing. The colors and hues of the wall are light saffron or dark yellowish with traditional lamps all around. Jaipuri Oak furniture and silver colored Jhula (swing) takes us to the era of Indian Maharajas (kings) and Maharani (Queens) period. In short, restaurant Gharana is a royal heritage restaurant with live songs.

Say cheers to Musical and delicious evening

Reviews of Restaurant GHARANA, Dubai – Fine Dining With Live Music
I went to this restaurant for a casual dine out with my family and received warm welcome by their Restaurant Manager Mousumi with great courtesy and also she took my order with great patience.
As this restaurant serves four famous Gharanas, so my selection for starters, main course and desserts comprises choices from all four Gharanas so that I can have flavor of all India in one dining.
They serve initially complimentary Papadums (Indian crisy discs made from flour or lentils) with dips and Indian pickle
ALOO TIKKI SANJHA CHULA – Pan fried potato patties arranged with Masala chickpeas, Mint & tamarind dips, yoghurt. It is basically Indian street food Chaat which is served beautifully with some variations. This comes under the section of Punjab Gharana in restaurant menu.


ARBI KI SHIKAMPURI – Colocassia cutlets or Kebabs which are coated with special Hyderabadi spices directly imported from Hyderabad(India) are served with tamarind Chutney(Dips) and yoghurt. This comes under the section of Hyderabad Gharana in restaurant menu.

Arabi Kebabs

The presentation of drinks are very unique and colorful. Many famous alcoholic, non-alcoholic, juices, mocktails and cocktails are served here. From this I chose some non-alcoholic fruit punches with soda and crushed ice. I ordered NASHEDI & PATIALA TOWER .

Gharana Bar

Bar at Gharana

RAJASTHAN GATTA CURRY – Steamed Gram flour dumplings dipped in spicy Tomato and Yoghurt based gravy. A typical authentic and very famous curry from Rajasthan. This comes under the section of Rajasthan Gharana in restaurant menu.


PALAK PANEER KOFTA – Cottage cheese and spinach Kebabs dipped in Tomato creamy gravy. This comes under the section of Punjab Gharana in restaurant menu.

Delicious food at Gharana

DAL GHARANA – Black Lentils cooked slowly for several hours which is also the signature dish and secret recipe of this restaurant. This comes under the section of Punjab Gharana in restaurant menu. The main feature of this Dal or Lentil curry is they put loads of pure butter that is made in their kitchens. Even they prepare fresh butter from milk which is very long and difficult process. But to give authentic Punjabi flavors they make this Dal in purely authentic Punjab style.

Indian food at Gharana

INDIAN BREAD – I ordered whole wheat Lachcha Paratha.

Gharana Indian food

KESAR KULFI FALOODA – Indian famous ice-cream – Kulfi , made from thickening of milk by cooking it on very low flame till several hours. Saffron flavor is added to it and then kept for freezing. This safforn flavored Kulfi is topped with transparent glass noodles, chia seeds, rose syrup and fruit jellies. This comes under the section of Lucknow Gharana in restaurant menu. I loved its presentation too by serving on banana leaf and in two tier plates. The Kulfi plate is kept on one more plate full of ice crushes so that the temperature of ice-cream remains controlled till the time we finish it off.


COMPLIMENTARY INDIAN MASALA TEA – Now they are also serving complimentary Indian tea after your meals. Indian tea is made by combining Tea leaves, milk, water, spices like ginger & cardamom into a pan and then left for boiling it for several minutes.

Gharana Complimentary Tea

My Verdict – Overall I am happy and satisfied with
Some unique Indian flavors from different regions
Live Entertainment which is really is the plus point for this restaurant.
Serving size
The temperature of food
It is great that, Head Chef – Mr. Anmol Mathur who has previous experience with many famous hotel chains and restaurants visited each and every table during and after the meals to confirm that everything is OK.

Head Chef of Gharana

Live Music
VALET Parking Available. Also, there are ample public parking slots in front of hotel HolidayINN.
Free Wi-Fi
Alcohol is served, having full Bar
Many Vegetarian and Vegan options
Opens Late Night till 2:00 A.M.
Polite and Courteous Staff
Accept Credit Cards. Many Credit Cards offer good discounts for this restaurant.
Saturday Night is Street Food Festival Night – Indian Buffet at approximately AED 95 per person
Can be easily accessed through Metro, Taxis or by Car.
They celebrate many Indian and Arabic festivals.
Also they offer customization of food according to our needs, liking or restrictions.
Ghazals, Sufi music, Bollywood hits, Old songs (Bhuli Bisri yaadein). One night on weekdays, is dedicated as Karaoke night where you can also sing your song with resident singers.
Romantic Dinners, Family Eat outs, Celebrations, Special Occasions, Group Parties.

PRICE – AED 250/- for 2 (approximately).

GOOGLE MAP LOCATION – Click here to reach this location.

PHONE NO – +971 4 323 4333 (Opens during Evening Time)

ADDRESS – Ground Floor, Holiday Inn Al Barsha, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1
Restaurant Gharana has won many excellence awards from TripAdvisor, What’s On and many more accolades by famous reviewers.
You can also check through their Facebook Page for ongoing deals, special festival celebrations and discounts as they run many interesting events and offers from time to time.


Gharana is celebrating Navratri – an Indian festival which runs for 9 days. Sattvik (Fasting food) will be offered to those who are fasting and special folk songs from Gujarat will be played and a small dance floor will be arranged for those who want to dance on Garba beats. Navratri is a festival of fasting and dancing to folk tunes in western part of India but now celebrate all over the world.

Welcoming staff of Gharana

So go for your musical and delicious Rendezvous in Dubai at Restaurant Gharana serving authentic flavors from Indian royal households/Gharana. I loved their hospitality and welcoming staff with happy smiles and it is perfect place to make your evening memorable.
Source: Travelwithme

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