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The Royal Budha : Top Choice Restaurant 2015 by LianOrg.com

29 September 2015 | News

LianOrg selected The Royal Budha restaurant for “Top Choice Restaurant 2015”.

Congratulations! We just received this in the mail this morning! It is such a GREAT Honor! The Royal Budha @Holiday Inn Dubai- Al Barsha have been awarded the 2015 Top Choice Award from lianorg.com whose target market is China, Japan and Other Asian Countries! Thanks so much for this Award!



LianOrg “Top Choice Restaurant 2015” with address to The Royal Budha restaurant

Image Source : http://www.lianorg.com/restaurant_details42545fd.html


www.lianorg.com  is an authentic and professional tourist information website, committed to offering the most comprehensive National travel information to Asian tourists.Their customers including Chinese, Japanese and Korean and so on.in there you can get a fully information for you travelling outside. If you want to travel to outside, Lianorg will be your first query site and your final sharing site. They can give you a good journey, and offer “top choice” to you. “TOP CHOICE” ranking system includes four independent evaluation categories: restaurants, hotels, stores and tourist attractions our webpage can offer official information, about business hours, GPS map, photos etc..

In 2014, it has awarded 8,085 “TOP CHOICE Restaurant” medals, 5,430 “TOP CHOICE Hotel” medals and 3,762 “TOP CHOICE Store” medals throughout 1,580 in cities across 83 countries.


Image Source : http://bit.ly/1KH9A1K

Image Source : http://bit.ly/1KH9A1K

For More : http://www.lianorg.com/restaurant_details42545fd.html

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