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Hum Masala Family Festival at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha

30 April 2019 | News

28th April, 2019 | Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha is all set to put together a mega event of culinary art mixing guest cultures with UAE’s cultural heritage to showcase family values of togetherness, solidarity and affection that brings you a chance to assimilate the knick knacks of cooking with well known celebrity chefs of Pakistan’s No.1 Channel Hum Masala TV under its umbrella “Hum Masala Family Festival”.
To be held on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 from 12pm to 11pm at Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha’s lobby, the event is specially delineated for families. Guests can luxuriate their day with diverse and lively activities such as an exhibition, a cooking class, make-up classes and above all, a ‘network-stage’ for the jet setters to hobnob with renowned celebrity chefs. Indeed this experience is going to be wait to “try” for as you may appear on the TV screen.
The cooking class has been arranged for those budding chefs and cooking enthusiasts to expand their culinary prowess. The class will take place at the award winning Indian restaurant, Gharana from 3:30pm to 6:30pm followed by Iftar. Culinary demonstrations during cooking class will be given by Hum Masala’s Chef Mehboob, Chef Shireen Anwar, Chef Sameena Jalil and Chef Rida Aftab, and Chef of Gharana restaurant. Celebrity chefs will also share lessons that far outshine recipes prepared in their shows.

Hum Masala Family Festival

For Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, such gala events and gatherings have a profound meaning. Holiday Inn family believes that eating and celebrating with others brings brotherhood and understanding and among people. The family members, friends and colleagues cooking together, eating meals at the same time and at the same table epitomize a content relationship.
Ms. Roxana Jaffer, CEO of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, “Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha is always delighted to be able to create room for such celebrations and illustrious memories for Dubai’s exuberant crowd who are indigenous of different countries. We celebrate diversity in our hotel indeed resonating the diversity of UAE to show that it diversity is a strength“
About Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha
Set in the heart of New Dubai, Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha is a perfect blend of contemporary design and classic elegance. The hotel has 309 rooms including 54 suites. Each room is equipped with the latest facilities, tastefully decorated to meet every guest’s needs and comfort. Business houses have access to a wide variety of conference venues equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Completing the Holiday Inn experience are the award winning restaurants “The Royal Budha” (Thai), “Gharana” (Indian) and “Xennya Terrace” (Rooftop Bar & Lounge) as well as bars, banquet facilities and impeccable service.
A Full floor of 53 rooms from its portfolio of 309 elegant and contemporary rooms have been refurbished and upgraded to stylish and chic Club rooms. Bundled with exclusive benefits such as full day Club lounge access with culinary delicacies and beverages, happy hours, personalized treatment, and many more, the proposition of upgrading your stay as well as express check-in and check-out service at a dedicated desk is a very attractive offer.
For more information please visit: www.holidayinn.com or www.hialbarshadubai.com
Find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/HolidayInnDubai or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hidubai
From creative Thai cuisine at The Royal Budha, to traditional Indian experience coupled with enchanting live entertainment at Gharana, to an array of generous buffets at The Gem Garden, the hotel offers a variety of f&b options. Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha’s renowned award winning Chef Sameh Youssef won ‘Chef of The Year 2017’ by Hotelier Express Awards.
About Gharana
An experience of the Indian subcontinent through the kaleidoscope of elements of familiar monuments and the culinary tastes of that region leads this restaurant to be labeled exotic with live entertainment.
Gharana, simply means a family or household living under one roof. In musical terms, it refers to a line of musicians, where musical knowledge is passed from generation to generation. Whilst in culinary terms, the knowledge of cooking food, blending of flavors of various spices and herbs is passed down from one generation to another.
Indian food is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. Gharana’s fascinating menu draws from the greatest cooking traditions of North, South, East and West India and features the finest desi delicacies. The magnificently diverse historic states of Lucknow, Delhi, Hyderabad and Rajasthan are known for their rich musical heritage and cuisines. Having been the cultural capitals during the country’s most glorious eras, each region prides itself with its own distinct style of cooking. The legendary Maharajas, Shahenshas, Nawabs and Sultans contributed immensely to the development of music and cuisines in their respective regions and at Gharana we offer you their most fabulous creations.
About Hum Network
Hum Network launched its first flagship channel HUM TV in the year 2005 and since then it has become a household name in Pakistan and worldwide amongst Asians in terms of providing quality entertainment to its audience. Not wanting to leave out Middle East, it brought its top programs via Hum MENA made available through Elife – Channel 293, OSN – Channel 282 and DU – Channel 321.
Hum Sitaray is a channel that covers the vast genre of entertainment and lifestyle available on Elife – Channel 294. Hum News is the newest addition to the bouquet of Hum Network channels providing up to date news on national and international affairs. Available on Elife Asiana Package – Channel 568.
Hum Masala (Masala TV) is a 24-hour food and lifestyle satellite TV channel and the market leader in its genre with highly popular chefs amongst the households and features a 10 hour daily live content that delivers fresh programming to viewers available on Elife – Channel 434, DU – Channel 406 and OSN – Channel 285.


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