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Masala! Review of Gharana restaurant

01 December 2018 | News

Gharana, much like the origins of its name, the restaurant incorporates the finest Indian delicacies from all over India, resulting in a diverse and authentic Indian dining experience. The traditionally themed restaurant is located in the heart of Al Barsha, inside the holiday Inn hotel, where you will be welcomed by the friendliest staff to assist you.

Gharana Restaurant

Gharana, compliments your dinner with live music and entertainment that is arranged for you as you eat with your friends and family. Customers are always welcome to join in the musical journey that the restaurant takes you on, as the Gharana team graciously accept song requests and prompt their guests to join in the entertainment, especially during their karaoke nights – every Sunday.

Indian Food

Now to delve into the finer details about the food, the menu consists of a variety customized dishes from various regions of India, each dish authentic to its origins. They definitely do not keep you hungry for long as the courses are served in a timely manner, hot and fresh from the kitchen. Moreover, the portions for each dish are ideal for two persons to easily share and devour.
ome of the dishes that we tried were the Punjabi Khumb ke Kebab (juicy stuffed mushrooms) and Tandoori Anar ke Aloo for the starters, which was a dish that consisted of stuffed cottage cheese in crispy yet tender potatoes that briefly satisfy the taste buds, however lack a distinguished flavour.

Non Vegetarian Dishes

Then, for the main course we went on to try non-vegetarian dishes as well, that literally put us in food heaven! One of our favourites was the Bhuna Gosht, which was a mutton dish marinated in various spices and savoury yogurt, that melted in our mouths with every bite. My personal favourite had to be the Paneer dum kuff Anardana, which was more of a sweet vegetarian main dish that comprised delicate cottage cheese stuffed dumplings and combined with tangy pomegranate seeds. The garlic Naan that we could smell the delicious aroma of from a mile away, was served soft and fluffy complementing the entire meal perfectly.

Indian Rasmalai

Furthermore, there is no better way to end a good meal than with a blissful sweet dish… better yet three blissful sweet dishes! And that’s exactly what we did, tried three of Gharana’s chef’s special desserts, and we have to give it a double thumbs up as they were absolutely divine. The sweet Litchi Rabdi, creamy Rasmalai and the golden Gulab Jamun balls topped with Rabdi were just a delight to our taste buds and we definitely savoured each and every bite… why can’t good things last forever?

To conclude our experience at Gharana, we would say the pricing of the restaurant is a little on the higher end in comparison to the taste and quantity of the food, however it was a mellow and whimsical dining experience that we would definitely want to have once again!
Cuisine: North Indian
Location: Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha, Sheikh Zayed Road, Barsha 1, Dubai
Interiors: Traditional semi-royal interiors with live music, a relaxing atmosphere & comfortable interiors
Ideal for: Diners looking for a traditional, authentic Indian fine-dining experience
Average cost: An approximate of AED275 for two people
Crowd: Families, couples and friend groups
Source: Masala

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