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Slow cooked lamb shank Kabsa with Spicy Tomato Sauce

15 June 2015 | Food & Drinks

Celebrate Ramadan with us…Ramadan Dish Recipe by Chef Sameh


Basmati Rice :1 kg
Lamb Shank :1 kg
Red Capsicum: 100 gm
Green Capsicum :100 gm
Tomato :200 gm
Red Onion :100 gm
Garlic :50 gm
Coriander Leaves :50 gm
Mint Leaves :50 gm
Salt for taste
Vegetable Ghee :100 gm
Tomato Paste :30 gm
Lamb Stock
Dry Lime :3 nos
Whole Cinnamon Stick :1 stick
Bay leaves :2 Number
Fried onion, Pine seed and Almonds for garnish

Ramadan Dish Recipe by Chef Sameh

For Kabsa Spice Mix

Saffron : Pinch
Green Cardamom :10 Nos
Cinnamon Stick :10 gm
Cumin Whole :10 gm
Whole Coriander :10 gm
Dried Lime : 2 nos
Bay leaves : 2 nos

Slow cooked lamb shank Kabsa with Spicy Tomato Sauce

For Spicy Sauce

Peeled Tomato :300 gm
Garlic :30 gm
White Onion : 50 gm
Coriander Leaves 30 gm
White vinegar :20 ml
Dried Chilli :10 gm
Olive Oil :20 ml
Black Pepper :10 gm

Slow cooked lamb shank Kabsa


1. Roast the Kabsa Spices all together till the aroma comes out, and grind it very smooth powder.

2. Marinate the lamb shank with 1 third of the Kabsa mix, tomato paste and salt.

3. Saute the lamb shank in a Thick bottom pot till get colour.

4. Take Out the lamb and Boil it about half an hour to get cooked.

5. Soak rice for 15 minutes. Drain, rinse under running water then drain well.

6. Add Vegetable ghee to a large pot or casserole; fry the onion, garlic, and the whole spices,
dried lime. Cook on low heat for about 10 minutes, or until tender. Then add tomato paste   Kabsa Powder and the vegetables.

7. Then add cooked lamb shank and the stock in to the pot.

8. Let the stock to get boiled and then add basmati rice, Season the rice and add more.

9. Kabsa spice, coriander leaves and mint leaves on it check the water level to cook the rice in perfection.

10. Transfer the rice in to a serving ball, Place the lamb shank on the rice garnished fried Onion, Pine seeds and almonds.

11. In a blender add all the ingredients for the spicy sauce then blend it roughly, check the seasoning and serve along with the Kabsa.

Ramadan Special

Check Original Recipe Here.

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