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Ramadan: Respect Dubai Rules to Immerse in Spiritual Delight

24 May 2017 | Festivals


Ramadan is celebrated with great religious fervour in Dubai. The city comes alive and ‘Emirati hospitality’ in its finest grace, comfort, luxury and sumptuousness.

In fact Ramadan is a universal celebration for all sections of people in Dubai including non-Muslims who also take part in Iftars, hosted for families and individuals. Most of the leading hotels in Dubai also make arrangements for Iftar and Suhoor.


Arrangements for Iftar and Suhoor - Ramadan in Dubai


Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan celebrates the grand occasion of archangel Jibril revealing the verses of the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad. Derived from the Arabic root “ar-ramad, Ramadan means heat or dryness.

One highlight of Ramadan celebrated in the months of May and June is the holy fast observed by people. The fast starting before the dawn breaks ends after the sun sets. During this time, the pious people stay away from food, drink, smoke or sex during the daylight hours.

The fast commences with the Al Fajr prayer and ends at dusk after the Al Maghrib sunset prayer.

Fasting is supposed to promote sympathy and concern for the poor brethren. People break the fast during sunset by eating dates and juices.

Ramadan celebration in Dubai



Later they treat themselves to grand meals known as ‘Iftar’ feast available at food joints and restaurants.

Iftar Meal - Ramadan in Dubai

The culmination of Ramadan is marked by a three day long ‘Eid ul-Fitr’ festival. During these public holidays people spend time visiting their family and friends and enjoy a grand feast together!


In view of the religious sentiments, there are curbs on high octane entertainment during the spiritual month of Ramadan. Dubai strictly follows all Islamic laws and observe them with utmost respect.

Music: During Ramadan other than traditional music, no other type of music must be played in Dubai. All Nightclubs will remain closed and no music will be allowed in pubs and bars. Also no concerts or music festivals will be allowed during Ramadan.

Dress: During Ramadan people should dress modestly and women should not wear tight and revealing clothing.

Follow Rules

So all visitors to Dubai during Ramadan period are expected to honour these restraints and respect the Islamic faith and the Arab culture.

Ramadan Events

A festive spirit pervades Dubai during Ramadan. All establishments along with government departments organise family oriented events inspired by the holy month asserting the spiritual side of this occasion.

Ramadan in Dubai, is an event where the government departments and official entities organise promotional campaigns to promote Dubai as the most important destination for celebrating Ramadan.

You can experience the fervour and joy of Ramadan in Dubai by staying at hotels in Dubai which are near to Mall of the Emirates and close to the City Centre. You can see a number of activities and events during this period held on religious, cultural, family and charitable basis.

DO’S & Don’ts During Ramadan

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