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Turning over a new LEAF, Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha

25 March 2014 | Events

Source: Roxana Jaffer’s Blog

I am honoured to be leading a team who is extremely motivated and pro-active in wanting to participate  in the “UAE Green Festival 2014.

The  driving force, Ms Kezia Da Rocha, Director of Marketing remarked that the staff only feel elated when do  something beneficial for the community and “how this festival has given us a medium to show we are a caring and sharing hotel.”

Truly excited and , screaming  “We are part of it!the Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha is  proud to be participating in this year’s UAE Green Festival from March 16th to April 16th.

UAE Green Festival 2014 - Holiday Inn Dubai

“Live, learn and have fun in a low-carbon world”  the backdrop for this countrywide celebration, is planned to  educate people across the seven emirates,  about a new way of life that’s achievable in an enjoyable way.

In keeping with the  aim of this festival is to unveil UAE’s sustainable identity as a leading green destination that provides its residents and visitors a better quality of life the Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha Guests are showcasing energy and resource saving practices in different areas: like laundry, air quality, recycling and gardening. to all discerning visitors. Presentations, tips and advice on how to preserve the environment, as well as a recycling arts and crafts exhibition will be a learning exercise for all.

The Chief Engineer, Mr Hussain states how “the green initiatives we practice have helped the hotel reap major benefits in the form of improved performance liability, longevity of lights, huge savings on monthly maintenance, installation and electrical costs” and are recommended to all.
Holiday Inn – Dubai has  decided to launch an environment-friendly initiative through careful and clear-cut measures executed to replace Neon lights in the building with LED lights. By using the latest technology and keeping  abreast of the newest trends a sizeable saving is made in the use of energy.

The main highlight of the hotel’s participation in the festival is converting a meeting room terrace into a herb garden. A must visit for all.

Kezia, made me ‘pose, snap and post’ on Facebook and Instagram – I await to get the most “Likes” to win Sushi Night for 2 at Lounge@Barsha or Dinner and Fun at Gharana’s Saturday Street Food Night .

Roxana Jaffer


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