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Watch best of Dubai Wildlife in Dubai Zoo

24 July 2015 | Dubai

If your perception only lies in Camel while thinking of Dubai then, let me just add, there’s a whole world out there. Dubai boasts a plethora of wildlife in its suburban. If you are hunting for the best Dubai Zoos to have the closer view of your favorite animals, Dubai Zoo is the only place for you. However, if it’s your first time for Dubai and the purpose is animals, then you have quite a few options for wildlife in Dubai, UAE. Your few options for the best Zoos in Dubai are.

Take the tour now…

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is one of the largest animal inhabitants in Dubai and a home to more than 4, 000 species of which 2, 500 of them are mammals. You can see the rare species of white lions and white Rhinos which you hardly find in any other zoo. The animal preserve has excellent facilities and keeps the animals’ safety on top priority. In order to preserve the heritage of wildlife in Dubai, they have made considerable developments here as compared to other Dubai Zoo.

Al Ain Zoo

Image Source : http://bit.ly/1TVPB3g

Things to do- Apart from watching animals, you can also take part in different activities such as – feeding giraffes their much loved carrots, feeding the pony and watching mighty alpha animals dig into a meaty feast. For the visitor facilities , there are number of restaurants and cafes inside the zoo. So you can have a fun loving day in Al Ain.

Al Tamimi Stable

Located in the desert of Sharjah, Al Tamini stable is a privately owned farm and an educational centre where you can play with tamed animals from big baby goats to hamsters. Apart from playing with animals, children can also take a guided pony walk on oodles of ponies provided. Note: for some obvious reasons, adults cannot have the ponies ride.

Al Tamimi Stable

Image Source : https://www.facebook.com/AlTamimiStables

Things to do- Other than playing with the trained animals, you can also take the nature tour around the stable where you will get to see the animals wandering around you. Follow the expert guides for knowing about the copious interesting facts about these animals.  

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo  

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo holds the record of being the largest suspended aquarium in the world with 140 species of fish and 400 sharks and rays within its tank. The fish tank has a transparent tunnel at its bottom that runs straight through it for 51m and reaches out the third floor of the mall.

Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo

Image Source : https://www.facebook.com/DubaiAquariumUnderwaterZoo

And there is also an underwater zoo where you can see different types of animals such as Crocodiles, penguins, otters etc.  

Dubai Dolphinarium  

If you’re greatly interested in the cute and brilliant minded dolphins and seals then Dubai Dolphinaruim is just the place for you, especially when you have children with you. Your children’s will love doing handstands while the dolphins jump through hoops and perform different types of tricks. If watching dolphins would be less of an attraction, then swimming along with them should hype the excitement.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Image Source : https://www.facebook.com/Dubai.Dolphinarium

Moreover, there is also food court towards the right of Dolphinaruim that serves you the best food. Also, take your kids to children’s city that is just few steps away.  

Emirates Park Zoo  

Located 45 minutes away in the direction of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Park Zoo became operational in 2008 and was the first privately owned zoo in the UAE. It’s precisely kids friendly place with various activities to keep the whole family engaged. Some of the major attractions at Emirates Par Zoo includes: a Bird Park, Flamingo Park, Giraffe Park, Ocean Park, Predator Section, Primate Section, Reptile Park, Snake Section and a Domestic Section where you can feed animals their favorite food.

Emirates Park Zoo

Image Source : https://www.facebook.com/emiratespark


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