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Top 8 Travel Tips For Visiting Dubai

01 January 2014 | Dubai

Dubai, the magnificent megatropolis of overwhelming architecture is positioned serenely on the edge of a hostile desert, so you’ll be enticed to have a good time at the shopping arcades, waterparks and resorts – despite  its colossal malls and magniloquent high-rises, the city of dazzling lights is ultra traditional. Heavy fines apply for anyone who breaks the rules and regulations, so it would be better for you to stay in a safer side by fusing yourself with the local nation.

Here are a few top Dubai travel tips for visiting this breathtaking destination:

1. Weather

The best time to delve into the beauty of Dubai is between November and April when the climate is pleasant , with temperature in the low 30s. During  summer, Dubai climate changes with baking temperatures soaring up to 48 Degree’s Celsius.

Dubai coastal region

2. Clothing

Dubai is a Muslim emirate that adheres to customary values, traditional wear in Dubai is highly acceptable. A general rule of thumb is: nothing with no sleeves, no midriffs, no plunging necklines, and nothing above the lower thighs. Women can wear swimsuits while lazing around the beach, but not in public places.

hijab - traditional wear in dubai

3. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can only be procured at duty-free stores. As a vacationer, you can only relish hard drinks in bars and restaurants, but drinking in public places is a crime as per laws that can land you in strife.

Bar Dubai

4. No to PDA’s

Public displays of affection or PDA’s is no less than a misdeed in Dubai and can get you into trouble—so no fondling, canoodling and kissing in public places as the state falls under Sharia Law.

5. Photography

Photography is acceptable in tourist areas, but avoid images of airports, government buildings, military installations  and so forth. It is also courteous to take permission ahead of photographing  any people especially locals.

Photography in Dubai

6. No Drugs

Suffice to say that the Dubai has a zero tolerance policy towards consumption or trafficking of illegal drugs. Possession of even the minuscule amount of illegal drugs can lead to a jail sentence of  up to 4 years. Moreover, you must take the permission of the embassy for the import of prescribed drugs to stay away from any sort of danger.

7. Health Insurance

Ahead of traveling to Dubai, make sure you purchase a health insurance plan to cover up all eventualities. While in Dubai, you can easily buy prescribed medicines from pharmacies. High standards of cleanliness at food outlets, provision of clean water and food hygiene assures a sickness-free trip.

health insurance plan

8. Personal Security and Safety

Dubai is well known as one of the safest holiday places on earth. Before leaving your home, make sure you double check the most needed documents. For a happy holiday experience, it will be better for you to take out travel insurance and follow general safety measures to protect yourself and your belongings.

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