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Top 8 Famous & Most Watched Out Sports in UAE

23 April 2018 | Dubai

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is indeed a charming nation remarkably adorned with deserts, sky-kissing human-made buildings, scenic views and everything that drives a traveler crazy. But, there’s one more thing that sets UAE equally apart, i.e. the range of sports the nation is into.
There are several commonly played sports in UAE played on the national and international level, but here we will discuss about the top 8 games that are quite famous among the folks.
Here we go…
Camel Racing

Camel racing
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When it comes to traditional sports in the UAE, camel racing is the first to top the chart. For many years, it’s enjoyed by the denizens of the Persian Gulf states. However, robot jockeys now are used, following the strict government regulations passed, barring immature jockeys from racing.

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Golf is also one of the most played games in the UAE, after all, it is the game of riches (this is what Dubai is all about) so you can see numbers of golf courses around UAE where three of them are the PGA championship golf courses. Every year, Dubai hosts the annual Dubai Desert Classic which is an European tour event held in the month of March where the best golfers around the world compete for over US$1 Million.
After camel, Falconry is the second most popular traditional sports in UAE. As the nation is wide imports falcons from all across the globe, the number of UAE’s rulers are the very enthusiast in Falconry.
Horse Racing

Horse Racing
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Horse Racing is also very popular in UAE played by the rich natives. In many ways, it’s rather popular than Camel Racing because of easy feasibility of essential equipments. One can find end number of clubs to participate in the games such as-
• Abu Dhabi Hunting & Equestrian Club
• Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club
• Umm al-Qaiwain Marine Club and Riding Centre
• Jebel Ali Equestrian Club
• Ajman Equestrian Club
• Club Joumana
• Abu Dhabi Tourist Club to count a few

Source: https://goo.gl/8NVwNB

When the world is crazy about cricket (seeing its immensely growing popularity) how can UAE left it behind? And the proof is its “Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium” in Sharjah, which is proud to hold the record to host most one day internationals. In 1996 Cricket World Cup, The UAE national cricket team qualified and still is progressively doing well in the game of cricket.
The popularity of Tennis in UAE is increasingly growing day after day. There are plentiful private clubs and hotels hosting their own private tennis courts. Don’t forget the annual Dubai tennis championships hosted every year in Dubai. It’s a WTA and ATP event where top tennis players across the world compete every year.

Source: https://goo.gl/yp7iHZ

If we talk about Asia specifically, UAE is the first ever Asian country that hosted the 2014 under-17 basketball world championship. In UAE, it’s vastly played by the western population.
Rugby too is a popular sport in UAE. During your visit, you can enjoy ruby matches held across the country throughout the year. In the month of November and December, Dubai hosts 6 nations rugby tournament.
Apart from the list, there are several other sports played in UAE, which you can play and see during your visit to the beautiful nation.

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