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Top 5 Theme Parks in Dubai That You Don’t Want to Miss

30 September 2019 | Dubai

Move over Orlando. Are you done with the theme parks in Orlando? Dubai is now also striving to become the theme park capital of the world. You can now go ghost-busting, click a selfie with dinosaur, jump into a shark lagoon, and team up with superheroes without leaving the town. In fact, there is an amusement park district called Dubai Parks and Resort (DPR).
Along with theme parks there are outdoor shopping and dining strip which makes it a must visit place to visit. If you have a tight budget then also you can enjoy what the place is offering. There are many budget hotels in Dubai that offers very good hotel services so that you can enjoy the theme parks.
1. IMG Worlds of Adventure
It is the world largest indoor theme parks where you can plunge into the realm of superheroes, dinosaurs, and ghouls. The park’s four zones deliver an enticing jumble of rides and attractions ranging from mild to wild. Superheroes rule the thrill-packed Marvel Zone where you can become part of Thor Vs Loki showdown on a lunch-losing top-spin ride, or help Spiderman to save New York.
2. Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai

Source: https://bit.ly/2m7rZmq
Dubbed as ‘Hollywood in Desert’, DPR’s Motiongate offers more than two dozen rides, attractions, and live shows inspired by classic and new blockbuster films, and grouped into zones named for movie studios that created them. The center of the park is the indoor DreamWorks zone starring the studio’s most beloved animated characters from Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon. Madagascar: Hot Pursuit rollercoaster is deal for speed junkies.
3. Bollywood Parks
Though it’s ironic that world’s biggest Bollywood theme park is not in Mumbai but in Dubai but that doesn’t make it a not a small achievement. Even if you’ve never watched Dabangg, Sholay, or Krrish, you can still get a kick out of the attractions based on the Bollywood blockbuster. Budget about half a day for this family friendly DPR Park that offers a lot of action-packed 3D & 4D motion rides. The park is especially strong on live entertainment such as stunt shows, flashy song and dance performances.
4. Legoland Dubai

Source: https://bit.ly/2nJaJ7y
The latest entry to Legoland empire has 40 rides and attractions spread across 6 themed lands – Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland. These are designed especially to attract the pre-teens. There’s also plenty of interactive stuffs, like Lego City where kids can earn their driving license. Grown ups meanwhile are especially enchanted by Miniland where over 20 million Lego bricks replicate landmarks like Burj Khalifa. You’ll need at least a full day at the park, two if you want to visit the adjacent water parks.
5. Lego Water Parks
DPR’s Legoland Water Parkrubs its shoulder with its dry cousin Legoland Dubai. It is tailor-made for families with their little ones. With its 20 raft, tube and body slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river ride negotiated in a Lego raft you have built yourself, it’s smaller and better than other older liquid playgrounds of Dubai.

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