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How to Bargain Successfully when Shopping in Dubai

24 February 2014 | Dubai

The Dubai experience is not just about watching its skyline, skyscrapers or serene beaches; it is also a shopping paradise. The glitzy malls are the hub of great bargains if you know how to handle it. Walk away with nice goodies from the shopping malls after haggling well for a good price.


The truth is that bargaining is good for the consumer’s wallet. Some people are really excellent compared to others. A few tips can brush up your negotiating skills and help you save valuable money in the process.

Big Bargain Markets

How to Bargain Successfully when Shopping in Dubai?

  • Global Village: Dubai’s Global Village is a must to see the bargaining culture of the city.
  • Gold Souq: Dubai is synonymous with clean gold, it is virtually impossible to resist the allure of shiny and sparkly gold.
  • Satwa Souq: In the Satwa shopping square the vast collection of exquisite fabrics, electronics and household products will be tempting. World class fabrics galore; raw silk, crepes, silk, pure linen or fancy materials you name it, they have it all at reasonable prices if you can bargain well.
  • Meena Bazaar: Cloths of all hues and textures are available at bargain prices in Meena Bazaar. There is a splendid variety of metallic yarn, organzas and silks. Prices can also be negotiated in the outlets selling readymade dresses.
  • Karama Shopping Complex: Great fabrics, beautiful souvenirs and trinkets are a specialty of this shopping centre, that too at great prices. Unique artifacts such as Arabian coffee pots and Camel figurines will be offered to you at economical rates. You can also purchase wallets, pashmina shawals, bed covers, table clothes etc. at cheap prices.

Art of Bargaining

The following tips are part of the strategy for onsite bargaining. Practicing it will certainly help.
Art of bargaining when you are Shopping in Dubai

  • Play cool: Do not hesitate to walk away and say you want to think about it.
  • Study the Vendor: No vendor will like losing a customer, so they will offer something extra to clinch a sale.
  • Negotiation Points: If a salesman is in no position to give a discount, see what they for accessories or some extras. It could be a perfect gift for a friend if you do not want it.
  • Don’t Show Excess Liking: If a party can sense you are eager to buy, they will not offer a better deal. Always keep your expressions of interest in check.
  • Ignore the First Offer: If the person you are dealing with is willing to offer a discount or a freebie without much persuasion he can actually afford more.
  • Ask for More: Have an approximate amount in mind and if that price is not coming out, look for the next shop.

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