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A Quick Overview of Dubai History

25 June 2019 | Dubai

Dubai is a famous tourist destination in the world. Thousands of visitors come to visit Dubai every year. Dubai is one of the most progressive Emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city has many skyscrapers with astonishing coastline. Visiting the tallest building on the planet – Burj Khalifa is the awesome experience that tourist enjoy.

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Dubai is not a modern city from starting; it has developed eventually with time. The city has turned itself into fast growing and cosmopolitan city. It is known from the records that the city existed 150 years prior to the union. Here is a brief overview of the history of Dubai.
Ancient Dubai
Official records show that Dubai history of the city is some 4000 years old back. No evidence were found until the 18th century. Dubai was occupied by small fishing communities which were taken over by a branch of Bani Yas in the year 1830 ruled by the Maktoum family who are still ruling the city today.

Old Dubai

Source: https://bit.ly/31Skdx2
It is believed that Magan civilization used the land for agricultural purposes and might be for copper trading in ancient time. In 1960’s Dubai begins exporting crude oil, which enhances its economic growth and the Dirham becomes the official currency of the city. However, in 1990s, many foreign traders moved their businesses in Dubai.
The city opens its routes to the traders. Still, Dubai focus on free trade and tourism which led it to continue grow. In the 20th century, Dubai becomes a global economy and financial hub for traders from all over the world.
Medieval Dubai
Dubai was known as a sleeping town with no evidence of human existence. Nomadic cattle herders used to live in the area. History shows that Dubai transformed quickly into a major hub for trading and business activities. Fishing and pearl diving were Dubai’s major business, but trading of crude oil had a greater impact on the growth of the city and it made it an ultra modern city. It helped the city to rapidly expand and grow. Slowly with pace of time, Dubai becomes the busiest trading port with trading as the main source of revenue.
Modern Dubai
Today Dubai is one of the most fascinated cities of the world. It’s no longer a fishing village; it is home to numerous amazing and wonderful attractions. The city has everything from air conditioned bus stops to super cars, skyscrapers to huge golf courses. It is a planned city with well built infrastructure and transport facilities.

Dubai Road

Tourism and real estate are becoming a major part of Dubai’s economy. Due to its certain strict rules and laws, Dubai is a safe city to travel as well. Dubai has become a modern cosmopolitan city due to its beautiful beaches, long coastline, tallest man made building, well planned internet city, fine dining and wonderful shopping malls. Tourists will find a wide range of luxurious to budget hotels in Dubai which makes accommodation easier and comfortable.


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