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Emirati Cuisine: 10 Exotic Dishes from UAE

02 February 2016 | Dubai

Planning a trip to UAE and wondering what is on the platter to satiate your hunger? Well, worry not! With an exotic blend of Arabic, Lebanese and Iranian food, UAE cuisine will leave you longing for more, more and more! Traditional cuisine of UAE proffers an inimitable taste and easily available in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where vacationers are bestowed the opportunity to relish several food varieties.


Whether an epicure or not, you just can’t neglect the mouth-watering flavors that the cosmopolitan country has in store for you. The luscious aroma of traditional cuisine will give a entice to even finicky foodies for sure.
Here’s a well-carved foodie’s guide to Arab traditional food…


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Shawarma is undoubtedly one of the most popular in Emirati cuisine and has gained a lot of fame in Asian nations as well. Shawarma is like a chicken roll, which is prepared with finely chopped lamb or chicken. Fried onions, garlic sauce, tomatoes and pickles are added to it and then served hot with Arabian bread. It actually tastes like kebab and you can enjoy it in a high-class restaurant or in roadside eateries too. Some restaurants also served fresh fries and different sausages with Shawarma. The way of cooking and taste differs from place to place.



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When we talk about traditional food in Dubai, Hummus can’t be ignored at all. Hummus is a famous dip from Middle Eastern culture and served with various food items like Shawarma. It is cooked with a balanced blend of tahini paste, garlic paste, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and chickpeas. Hummus is served fresh with luscious pita bread and easily quenches the tummy. If you are in Dubai then don’t forget to try the unique taste of this amazing dip.

Stuffed Camel
Sounds astounding, right? Well, people in UAE are just crazy about stuffed camel. This dish has gained a special place in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its big size. Grilled camel meat is used as a main ingredient in several Emirati dishes. An experienced chef stuffs an entire camel with spices and herbs and then cook the meat tenderly that is rich and has aromatic taste. This is a wonderful dish that is well-known worldwide due to the fact that baked camel meat is used as a main ingredient in food.
Al Harees
Emirati food is incomplete without mentioning the name of Al Harees. This yummy dish proffers a highly aromatic taste to locals and foreigners. Every foodie must try this wonderful food invention! Salt and wheat are mixed in a pot of salt, then meat chunks are added in the same pot and baked for several hours. You can try this elegant dish in its traditional form or try variations as per your desire.


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Yummilicious for sure! This lip-smacking Emirati dish is also known as tame and has gained a lot of attention in the Arab East. In essence, this recipe is a customized version of French fries. This traditional dish is prepared with various spices, chickpeas and other ingredients. Few bites will crave you to put more in your mouth.
Al Machboos
Finely chopped meat chunks, fried onions, rice, salt, dried lemon and traditional spices, doesn’t this blend has the power to excite your taste buds? This dish is prepared from all these ingredients and served hot. Due to its zesty and tangy flavors, Al Machboos has been gained a niche in Dubai’s famous food items. To widen the spectrum of your finicky taste, you must give Al Machboos a try. And after enjoying the taste, you will surely re-order it.



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Aversion to non-veg? No worry, Tabbouleh or Tabouli is here to satiate your stomach. This tasty dish is a veggie version of the traditional Arabian cuisine. This dish is basically a tasty salad that is made from green onions, tomatoes and cucumber and is seasoned with fresh lemon and mint juice. Tabouli satisfies the hunger in a healthy way.



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A wonderful delight to please the hunger of fitness conscious travelers, Fattoush is another dish that you can enjoy without worrying about your weight. It is basically a Levantine bread salad that is prepared by using fried or toasted slices of pita bread.

A must-have after relishing a spicy meal. Mehalbiya is a marvelously refreshing dish that is prepared with pistachios, rose water and other ingredients. This is mainly a pudding and loved by foodies of all age groups.

Esh Asarya
Also known as the “Bread of the Harem”, Esh Asarya is a popular dessert in UAE and a kind of cake that is made with baked bread, cheese and then topped with fresh cream. Make sure you add this sweet dish with your spicy meal next time to complete the meal.

Many local eateries and high-end restaurants in the UAE have been serving these lip-smacking cuisines to delight the taste buds of travelers who are seeking desperately to relish the unique taste of UAE.

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