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10 Surprising Facts of Dubai Palms Island

13 August 2015 | Dubai

Palm Jumeirah and Palm Sheikh Ali, two artificial islands settled on the coast of  Dubai, United Arab Emirates are a wonderful alternative to luxury accommodation. Dubai Palm Islands are perhaps the most ruthless and inimitable of all mega real estate developments in the city that brim around the top-notch hotels near Dubai Palms Islands, resorts, dazzling beachfront villas, the best in class dining establishments, marinas, water parks and shopping facilities.

Palms Island In Dubai

Amazingly erected by Nakheel Properties and a brainchild of Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum, the Palm corresponds to the artificial (man-made) group of islands that are categorized into three Islands: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. Spread over an area of about seven million square meters, the palms hold the record of being the world’s largest man-made islands.

Apart from this, there are various facts that make this majestic construction or artificial archipelago the perfect global vacation spot.

1. You will be amazed to know that, to determine the feasibility of the project, there were more than 100 studies that took place to plan the Palm Island Dubai.

2. There is nothing else in the world like the Palm Islands since it’s actually a chain of various islands joined together made to look like a palm tree.

3. In order to be certain whether the formations of the construction would be stable under the water, there were highly qualified and specialized divers who were employed.

4. Dubai Palm is one among only a few islands which is visible from space to the naked eye. Another visible landmark is the Berlin Wall.

5. From the mainland of Dubai, The Palm Island Dubai adjoins around 60 kilometers of shoreline that makes it incredibly stunning.

6. In order to supply the island with its palm trees, more than 12, 000 trees were grown in a nursery.

7. There is a crescent that wraps the Palm Island and acts as a breakwater to shield the island from high waves in case of storms or typhoons. In order to make this breakwater durable, it consists of sand and Geo textile fiber along with some small and medium rocks.

8. To help people stay in budget hotels, there are many residences built on the Island which comprise some luxurious as well as budget hotels to compete with the ultra-luxurious Burk AI Arab.

9. Since Dubai Palm is connected to the mainland by a bridge, it’s not all an Island.

10. In order to make the Island we see today, at the time of construction, there were over 32 million cubic meters of sand used and most of the sand brought from the ocean floor so they were able to use natural resources that were already in use.

Palm Island Dubai

Apart from the plentiful things available on the Palm Island of Dubai, there is splendid Dubai Nightlife that is making this place a wonderful spot for the residents as well as avid travelers. Moreover, due to the water filled with the exuberant marine life on the Arabian Gulf, the Palm endows wonderful facilities to the residents and visitors and enables them to indulge in the activities such as-scuba diving and snorkeling.

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