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Safe Driving Tips in Dubai

13 August 2014 | Dubai

Driving in Dubai can be scary if a driver lacks the right experience and knowledge about local traffic. Those who are not used to driving on fast and large roads will find driving in Dubai very daunting.

Driving on Dubai Roads

Maintain Distance

Be safe by keeping your vehicle at a reasonable distance from the vehicles ahead of you. Always follow the ‘three second rule’ that says your vehicle must be three seconds behind the car that is just in front of you. This regulates the speed and  space. Even if someone tries to cut into that space be gracious enough by pulling back and adjusting again.

Accidents and Causes

Crashes on Dubai roads cause heavy disruption of traffic. Some reasons for accidents are…

Poor Visibility

Cars with dark windows will have bad peripheral vision at night, so avoid it. Some drivers do not turn on their headlights, believing that they can see the road and lights are not required. They are making a huge mistake because lights are necessary for other drivers to see them.


Overtaking is very comman in Dubai even if it is against the traffic rules. Beware of other cars that could fly down on your side. Do keep your mirrors functional and check the blind spots before changing lanes or pulling off on a slip road.


Dubai roads boast many fast cars; they include giant 4x4s and top sports vehicles which reach extremely high speeds. Speeding has been curbed a bit because of heavy surveillance using tech speed cameras and reducing the speed limit, yet the odd speed freaks still drive as if they are on a computer game.

Driving in Dubai - Carscoop AR Dubai

Headlight Flashing

Flashing headlights generally does not mean a gentle ‘after you’ request as in the West. In Dubai it can mean “make way for me” or “can’t you see I am coming.?” Sometimes this may be police vehicles or an unmarked car asking you to move out of their way. Impatient drivers can be avoided by staying out of the fast lane and using your rear mirror often.

Dubai Police Car Bugatti Veyron

Bad Lane Discipline

The lack of lane discipline on the roads is palpable in Dubai. People violently veer from the fast lane to a junction off the road at the very last moment. Be prepared for it, all lanes are driven at various speeds and it won’t be surprising to see 120 plus km moving in the “slow” lane and 80 km in the “fast” lane!

Avoid Trucks

Try to stay a safe distance away from trucks as much as possible, they will not stop quickly and will not see you if you are beside them or immediately in front of them. Be extra cautions while tailing a truck.

Driving in Dubai

Presence of mind,  the ability to anticipate situations and being pro-active in driving without losing your cool will help a driver in any traffic.

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