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10 Driving Rules In Dubai You Must Know

23 March 2018 | Dubai

Expats in Dubai, especially those who love to drive in the lavish lanes of Dubai during their travel, should be aware of these crucial driving rules in Dubai to avoid accident, fines and traffic. So before you head to Dubai, here is the list of some important driving rules.
Drunk & Drive are a Criminal Offence
Road trip

As per the newly amended traffic law in the UAE, if you are caught under the influence of drunk driving or drug, it will be treated as the criminal office and you may have to pay a hefty traffic fine, elimination of the vehicle or even the confinement and cancellation of your driving license or you may face other charges.
Overtaking a vehicle from the right side is prohibited
You can’t overtake a vehicle from the right side while driving as it’s considered as the traffic violation. Drivers must be aware of that they can only overtake from the left and a failure to act in accordance with the rule may cause penalties.
You may be charged penalty driving the below limit

Dubai Road

Usually on various roads in Dubai, the driving speed limit is relatively higher where driving too slow can cause you penalty as it disrupts the flow of traffic and lead to severe accidents. So you have to maintain the minimum and maximum limit as suggested by the traffic laws.
You must have good car reversing skills
Reversing a vehicle needs great skills and is actually very tough than the normal car driving. So you have to be an experienced driver. If anything, other car or person gets hit while reversing, you will have to face heavy penalties. So it’s better to keep all your attention on the rear-view class, and camera.
Don’t through leftovers on the roads from your car
Driving Rules

In order to keep the city clean municipal corporations and traffic authorities have taken multiple initiatives. So if you found throwing the wastes material from your car on the roads, you will have to pay a hefty fine of AED 1,000 and 6 black points will also be issued against your driving license. If you receive 24 black points in a year, your license will be rescinded for 12 months.
Stickers on car without permission is prohibited
Placing stickers on the car without permission is strictly banned in Dubai. You will have to take permission from the authorities. It’s measured as a legal office, not just in Dubai, but across the UAE. Also, you cannot place “car for sale” ad on your vehicle, it’s also not allowed.
You must understand the navigation signs on the roads
While driving in Dubai, you will see various navigation signs which rally round drivers to reach their destinations without being lost. For an instance- Green sign directs the motorists towards the routes within Dubai & Blue sign, towards the routes connecting Dubai with other cities. So you have to memorize the navigations by signboard color.
So if you are planning to visit Dubai or want to explore its gems driving on your own, you have to be very careful and must follow these traffic rules to avoid any issue.

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