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A Complete Guide to Use the Public Bus in Dubai

28 August 2018 | Dubai

Dubai is widely known for its dazzling glamour. Whether you talk about its attractions, skyscrapers, scintillating beauty or anything else, it’s perfect in all genres. But besides all, it has the great, well arranged, low-cost and effective public transport facilities which include the wonderful bus network also. Despite this, visitors here are mostly relying on the taxis and cars. But the Dubai government, by 2018 wants to see 30% of the city to use the buses.
Buses in Dubai is a wonderful source to communicate whether you want to reach to your budget hotel in Dubai, airport or the mall of Emirates, you can easily connect by travelling in a bus, in clean & comfortable environment.

A few facts about the public bus in Dubai:
Dubai Bus
Source: https://goo.gl/RF773i
Dubai bus routes cover 82% of urban Dubai with the intercity routes connecting to Abu Dhabi, Aman, Fujairah, and Hatta.
There are total numbers of 114 lines which include 170 double deckers, 31 out of which are feeder buss for the metro. Since they run very early morning to late night, you can traveler throughout the day without any hassle.
In 2016, 151.1 million passengers used Dubai bus services in 2016 to commute their way to work, to hotels near the mall of Emirates & other voyaging purposes.
Why use Dubai buses?
Saves your money:
As compared to taxis, and another mode of vehicles, traveling through buses in Dubai is more reasonable. For an instance, if you are heading from Mall of the Emirates to Deira, you will probably be charged over Dhs150 on a return taxi while the bus will cost you only Dhs20.
You have more time for reading
Since buses run at a low pace, you have more time to finish off your book or listen to your favorite collection of music during travel. Bus routes will also take you through the close view of the beautiful country.
Buses cover Dubai’s 87% of the urban area
There won’t be any issue if we say that buses in Dubai go everywhere because it amazingly connects 87% of the urban area in Dubai. If your favorite place doesn’t fall in these areas, then you can think of other modes of transport, other than that, buses are just fine.
It’s really easy to book

Dubai Bus

Booking buses in Dubai is a matter of minutes only you just need to log on to the RTA website – dubai-buses.com, book your bus and enjoy your journey.
Common mistakes to avoid while traveling in Dubai Bus

Don’t stand in the “Red marked” sections and near the side doors or you charged with a penalty for your safety
Place your bus card on the card reader to know the balance before heading onto the bus
Avoid holding the NOL card for too long, it may result in a check in and check out at the same time
Don’t be in hurry. Wait for the bus to halt to check and check out
Don’t eat, drink, and sleep in the buss. Eating chewing gum is also prohibited
Refusing to get down from the bus when asked by the inspector due to overload is also an offense.
You might be charged for Dh50 penalty for arguing, quarrelling with the inspector
Enjoy your trip!

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